Why Woman on Top Can be More Orgasmic for Her

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Why “Woman on Top” Can Be More Orgasmic for Her
by Paul

The “woman on top” position is often suggested as a good way for a woman to reach orgasm during intercourse. This position allows her to control how their bodies rub against each other and the tempo of those movements. “Woman above” also tends to be less physically stimulating for the man which means he can last longer.

However, just getting her on top is not enough. If she tries to copy the thrusting he does when he is on top she is not gaining much. She needs to move in a way that provides her with the stimulation she needs.

In the animated drawings shown here, the man is blue with his pubic bone in darker blue. The woman is pink with her clitoris in red.

In the first animation, the woman is doing an in-and-out thrusting motion that mimics the way a man moves when he is on top. The head of the penis is receiving good and constant stimulation, while the clitoris is receiving poor and intermittent stimulation. This means he is getting more stimulation than she is, which is the reverse of what most couples need.

In the second animation, the woman is moving her body along the man’s, rather than toward and away. With this kind of movement, the clitoris receives good and constant stimulation as it moves against the base of the penis and the man’s pubic bone. The penis receives limited stimulation because movement between the vagina and penis is less than with thrusting.

With a bit of practice, the woman can increase and decrease the amount of stimulation for herself and for her husband. She can increase his stimulation by adding some in-and-out thrusting at the top or bottom of her sliding movement (whichever works better for her). By adding this to altering how far she slides against him, how firmly she presses against him, and how fast she moves, she can increase or decrease stimulation for herself, her husband, or both.

The man can increase his wife’s stimulation by using his hands on her back or buttocks to pull her closer to his body, increasing the contact between them. Additionally, the man can use his hands to stimulate her breasts or rear, to touch her face or other places that she enjoys being touched.

If she climaxes first and he is not on the verge of orgasm, she should switch to thrusting, as shown in the first animation. They can also change positions to whatever he likes for his orgasm. Some couples normally use two positions – one for her orgasm and another for his.

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