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The Marriage Bed Quickie – April 2021

Welcome to this month’s The Marriage Bed Quickie. It will only take a moment or two to look through these great marriage and sexuality resources. Enjoy!

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Psychological flexibility is crucial to happy marriages. Read what Shaunti has to say about what it is and how to build it in your marriage.

Flex Your Ability to Be Happier


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Here is the most recent survey, plus a link to past surveys.

How Do You Come With Your Spouse?
Take the Survey

Surveys Page – more surveys!


Tom and Debi of The Romantic Vineyard have shared this great idea for date nights. There are so many creative options you really can’t run out of date nights to try. Take turns planning a little fun!

Alphabet Dates


J Parker of Hot, Holy & Humorous has done a lovely (and humorous) review of the Perifit video game. If you need a little motivation to keep exercising your PC muscles, this might be for you.

Kegels Made Easy and Fun!


Marriage Confetti does a great job of explaining the importance of creating boundaries in marriage and areas where you may need to discuss them. How will you handle the inlaws and holidays? Do you know each other’s passwords? Where do you draw the line on sex in the movies you watch? Setting up healthy boundaries helps build an atmosphere of safety and respect.

5 Ways Healthy Boundaries Build a Strong Marriage


Married Dance has a new product – a 100% Christian-friendly deck of cards with various sex positions shown using simple stick figures. You could pick your favorites or try something new. (There’s got to be a way of turning them into a card game.)

Deck of Sex Position Cards


group conversation

Join us on the bulletin board for discussion on a variety of marriage and sexuality subjects.

Can You Find It? – Questions about being familiar with spouse’s body.
Maximizing Your Kegel Grip – What tools are helpful?
Who is the “Romantic” in Your Marriage? – And how do you define romance?


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