Acts and Pleasure
Acts and Pleasure – Men
Adultery Survey
After His Orgasm
Anal Sex
Any Sex Secrets?
Are Sex Toys OK?
Are You Holding Back Sexually?
Are You the Low Drive Spouse?
Best Sex Ever?
Best Time for Sex
Biggest Sex Problem
Can Marriage Survive an Affair?
Can You Climax from Oral Sex?
Circumcision and Sex Acts
Climax Survey
Communicating About Sex
Concerned About Your Size?
Cornbread or Bread Stuffing?
Define Not Enough and Too Much
Do You Lube?
Do You Think About Sex Too Much?
Do You Use Porn?
Does She Want Lingerie for Christmas?
Does Your Spouse Know Your Sexual Past?
Ever Been a Sexual Gatekeeper?
Ever Been Walked in On
Faking Orgasm
Fantasies About Others
Feeling Love or Respect
Female Ejaculation
Female Ejaculation Survey (there are 2)
Female Orgasm During Intercourse
First Orgasm
Got Foreplay?
Got Sex Secrets?
Got Sex Toys?
Got Vasectomy?
Handjobs (for Him)
How Common is Sex When You Ask?
How Do Sexual Images Make You Feel?
How Do You Climax?
How Do You Feel About Giving Oral?
How Do You Orgasm?
How Do You Orgasm? Redux
How Important is Position?
How Important is Sex to You?
How Long Does Good Sex Take?
How Long Without Sex?
How Many Times in 24 Hours?
How Much $$ to Go Sexless?
How Often Do You Climax From …?
How Often Do You Hear No?
How to Get Her to Want Sex?
How to Get Him to Want Sex?
Husbands Saying No to Sex
Is it Sex If … ?
Is Masturbation Sin?
Is Porn Adultery?
Is Sex Better with Age?
Is Sex What You Expected?
Is There Sin in Your Marriage Bed?
Is Your Lovemaking Noisy?
Love or Respect?
Lube Usage
Married & Masturbating?
Masturbation in Marriage
Men: Want to Climax Every Time?
Multiple Orgasms
Need vs. Want
Nocturnal Orgasms
Non-Sexual Touch and Sex
Oral Sex – Attitudes and Prevalence
Orgasm without Genital Stimulation
Perfect Foreplay?
Pleasure, Release, and Connection
Porn Exposure
Porn Exposure II
Porn for Two?
Positions and Orgasm
Premarital Porn Use
Premarital Sex with Future Spouse?
Pubic Hair Survey
Risk of Adultery in Your Marriage
Sex and Love
Sex Acts and Pleasure (Women)
Sex Drive and Age
Sex for Christmas?
Sex Positions
Sex vs. an Emotional Affair
Sex While Visiting Home
Sex: How Often?
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Expectations Going into Marriage
Sexual Fantasy
Sexual Slang
Sexual Teasing
Should the Wife Orgasm Every Time?
Shower Together?
Sleeping Together vs. Sleeping Together
Too Cold for Sex?
Toys in Bed?
Was 2013 a Good Year for Your Marriage?
Was Your Sex Life Better in 2014?
Watch Your Spouse Masturbate?
What Do You Think About During Sex?
What Words Do You Use for Sex?
What’s Happening in Your Marriage Bed?
Who Controls Sex in Your Marriage?
Who Enjoys Sex More?
Who Initiates Sex?
Workload and Sex