Survey – Penis Size: Too Big, Too Small, or Just Right?

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How do you feel about the size
of your/your husband’s penis?

graph of answers to "How do you feel about the size of your/your husband's penis?"
  • Women are more likely to be satisfied with the size of their husband’s penis than the husband is with it.
  • 20% of women and 41% of men felt he was too short.
  • 1.5% of men and 3% of women felt he was too long.
  • 30% of women and 34% of men would like his penis to be bigger around.
  • 1.5% of men and 8.5% of women think he is too big around.
  • Younger men were more concerned about size than older men, with only 25% of men 25 and younger being okay with their size while 66% of men 55 and older were good with their size.
  • Note: Initially there was no “girth is good” choice. This was changed very early and those who mentioned it in the comments had their answers changed.

Do you think your/your husband’s
size has any effect on your sex life?
(Choose all that apply.)

  • 23% of men thought their wife would enjoy sex more if he was bigger and 23% of women felt the same.
  • 27% of men thought they would enjoy sex more if they were larger, but only 11% of women thought bigger would result in him enjoying sex more.
  • 3% of women said they would enjoy sex more if he were smaller and 5% of men thought their wife would enjoy sex more if he were smaller.
  • Only 1% of men thought they would enjoy sex more if they were smaller, while 3% of women thought this would be the case for their husband.
  • 2% of men say their wife has complained they are too small, while 8% have been told they are too big.
  • 9% of women think their husband’s obsession with his size is a problem.

OPTIONAL: Men, when erect, how
long are you along the top? (Round up.)

  • The red line is the size distribution of penises based on multiple well-done studies. Our sample is skewed a bit more three-quarters of an inch larger, with some unlikely points on the large side of the graph.

OPTIONAL: Men, when erect, how
big around is your penis at the base?

  • While 93% of men knew their length, only 66% knew their width.
  • The red line is the size distribution of penises based on multiple well-done studies. Our sample is skewed half an inch large with some unlikely points on the large side of the graph.

Women’s Comments

  • His larger size is not really a problem. We just have to be a bit more careful.
  • But I wouldn’t really know because I’ve only had sex with him. Plus his oral and general sex skills were ☄️🔥 so we have the best sex life.
  • I feel like “I don’t know” would be more accurate for question six. I’ve only experienced the one penis. I don’t think a different one would be better, but how could I be sure? It’s not something I worry about.
  • Nothing brings me more pleasure than his penis. In saying that though it’s not the size it’s how he uses it and also all the other things he does too.
  • He is the perfect size for me, and I love making love with him.
  • We have never really discussed size and its not a problem for me. If we went long enough during actual penetration, a longer length might be useful
  • My ex-husband was obsessed with trying to make his penis larger. He spent hundreds of dollars on pills, potions, and gadgets. The odd thing was is that he was on the larger size of average. I had never said anything negative about his size or his penis in general. I had nothing else to compare it to so to this day it puzzles me where his feelings of inadequacy came from. Maybe porn? He refused to discuss it.
  • The last question doesn’t have good answers, his penis is perfect size for me! Our sex life is amazing! His size fits me perfectly and we know how to make it work best for us! And we keep learning more and having more fun!
  • I will start with the fact that this survey came to me through via a social media repost. I saw a comment saying it asked for length, but I didn’t get those questions. Before I opened the survey to know that though, I had a great reason to distract Hubs from his work while the kids were eating lunch. For oral he was happy to let me measure him. Guess I didn’t need the measurement after all. [We were both happy with the experiment anyway!] The question of if he’s too big, small, or just right – isn’t this all a giant, it depends? I know it does for me! He was right at the 6 1/4″ length which I’ve heard is average. I don’t know if it’s normal to have more girth then length, but he does by a little bit. In my mouth, it’s too big. In the ‘packing the suitcase’ position or PIV Doggy he’s too long and it hurts when he hits my cervix. But in “my-rear-side” Doggy, I wouldn’t mind him giving me a deeper, fuller sensation. Depending on the position and the angle Hubs can be “too big”, “too thick”, “too thin”, or “too small”. I put those in quotes because it’s all very relative to me in the position and mood, but it doesn’t stop us from having fun. It does tell us which positions we should pick if we have a certain disposition for a particular feeling. Hubs did say that it hasn’t bothered him. He wouldn’t undergo any procedure and feels like it doesn’t bother his sex life. But if he could just magically increase it he would like to be longer and thicker. He backed off of that when he saw my hesitation. I’m not sure I would want him to be much longer or thicker and am quite content with what he has for me. I recommend someone having issues with him being too big or too small to look at the categories on for suggestions on which positions give more or less depth.
  • Not to be creepy but my husband’s penis is just over nine inches erect and so much girth.

Men’s Comments

  • I have never worried about my size, although I think I am a bit smaller than “normal.” My wife doesn’t seem to care, she has never made mention of it. We both seem to think we have a mutually satisfying sex life. If I can pleasure her, the size doesn’t even matter.
  • Longer would be better for doggie style. Other than that, it’s all good.
  • I don’t think having more girth would make a big difference to if/ how much my wife enjoys sex, but it may help on some occasions, possibly related to her cycle
  • My wife hasn’t seen another penis, so she had nothing to compete is to. She says it’s big and when we 1st had sex when we were married she was wondering if she would be able to fit it in her and if it will hurt. I feel I am average when erect, but would like it be more girth unerect and erect.
  • I wish I were bigger flaccid too. I’m still self-conscious in the locker room.
  • To clarify: my size has generally had a positive effect on my sex life, except when we were first married (when my wife said I was “too large.”) It took us six weeks to achieve PIV the first time, and it was painful for her every time we had sex until she had her first baby and got more stretched. Since then, it’s been great, and she loves how large I am!
  • My wife has never once complained about my size (and, truth be told, has often said that sex would be uncomfortable if my penis were any bigger). So none of my feelings of inadequacy come from her. Further, I’ve read the academic literature, and the most thorough study of size (a 2015 meta-analysis of 15,000+ subjects) would place me squarely at the 50th percentile, which should be encouraging. But, instead, I feel inadequate, and, worse, this feeling is entirely self-generated, which makes me feel ashamed for feeling too small, like I’m a dumb high school boy correlating his masculinity with how big he is.
  • Both me and DW totally satisfied with the size, but personally I wouldn’t mind being bigger just to fuel self-esteem and confidence. With my length I can reach the P-spot in more positions than what would be possible with an average size, probably increasing the chances of vaginal orgasms (which happens most of the times).
  • My penis has a slight bend to the left. Overall I’m happy with my size. I know that it’s not the size of my penis but my knowledge of her clitoris which determines whether she orgasms or not.
  • I know I’m smaller than average and porn comparisons have certainly not helped anything over the years. However, my lovely wife has never complained or made any negative comments. I do worry about it because I know she had some experience before me and she’s not very enthusiastic when we have sex. Interestingly, I’m a pretty confident and well liked guy in all other areas. I bet I’m not the only smaller than average guy who’s had the thought that he’d give up some of his looks and other attractive qualities in exchange for having a large package. I’m sure most women think that’s nuts, but us guys can obviously become penis centric when it comes to wanting to really please our woman.
  • I’d like to think I’m mature enough not to ever worry about size, but I guess worrying is somewhat normal (unless you are porn star size). I totally understand that size does not matter to the vast majority of women when it comes to marriage, but my wife never comments at all. It’s like size has never crossed her mind. I guess that should be comforting, but instead leaves some nagging doubt even though I am average size. Was it just my rotten luck that her first husband was really big, or maybe a boyfriend was really well endowed? It’s compounded because she never orgasms through regular intercourse. Did she enjoy a bigger one more, did she orgasm from sex with them and doesn’t want to hurt me by telling me? See what I mean. I’m not going to ask, but it leaves some doubt. If she orgasmed regularly from intercourse, or if she seemed impressed or really interested in it I don’t think I’d worry. I know it’s a bit shallow, but I can’t help but think I’d feel more loved if she’d lavish some praise occasionally.
  • When younger because of exposure to all of the freakishly large ones in porn I used to worry about my size since my wife does not orgasm from PIV. I’m now comfortable as I’ve learned I’m on the large side of average. Like many conservative and inexperienced women, my wife could care less, size means nothing to her. I’ll selfishly admit it would be nice if she was a little more appreciative of it. Take note ladies, whatever your husband’s size, one of the best gifts you can give him is to brag on it and be as interested in it as possible!
  • My size has been comfortable for both of us. ED and frequency has been more of an issue
  • My wife says that my size is fine, and I believe her, but I also think she would enjoy it more if I was a little longer and a little thicker.
  • I’m fairly satisfied with erect state, it’s really the flaccid state that is very disappointing to me and sometimes feel ashamed of, just don’t feel like a man. It’s also the state that could be seen by others in some situations… at the urinal, or common shower situation.
  • Just right
  • My wife has only had C-sections and is very petite. She is the only woman I have had sex with. She thinks I’m big, not too big, but if she’s not wet enough, it sometimes can be uncomfortable.
  • I am 74 years old. I used to be 7″ and now am 5″. The reduced length makes stroking less effective as I tend to ‘fall out’ more often. And, as I have problems remaining erect it becomes difficult to reinsert and I often lose the ability to climax as a result.
  • Like any tradesman you have to learn how to use your tools and, with experience, do good work!
  • Was of normal size (although not any too large) but had horrible ED. Had the pump inserted 5 years ago. This was, btw, one of the BEST decisions I ever made. Now I’m on the short side But, it has functioned 100%!! And it’s kind of cool—there are times when I have a rather full-size (nearly pre-surgery size) erection. Those are nice!! 🙂
  • A little bigger to stay inside her better while using different positions or changing positions as we go…
  • Thankful for my member
  • Me and my wife have not made love between 10 to 15 years, I can’t even remember the last time or have any memories of our last time. My wife will not even let me see her undressed in her underwear or naked. This has really given me long time feelings of inadequacy and unloved.
  • While my length is fine by me, some physical/positional issues could be solved or reduced if I was slightly longer. There are many positions I can enter her in, but not at all deeply. My girth is good for vaginal sex, but is actually an issue for her when performing oral on me. We both enjoy when she takes me deeply, but it can cause discomfort on occasion…and being narrower would make things easier.
  • I have to be careful with wife to not push it too much as it will hit her cervix and hurt We were not able to have vaginal intercourse for the first 1 1/2 months of marriage because she was unable to accommodate my size and vaginismus
  • My brother always bragged about the ‘size of our family’ I never thought I was quite as big as him, but I have never thought it matters as much as loving my wife well. With my wife’s ageing and having had 6 kids I have thought a little girth, would help, but 99.9 percent of the time I think we do just great with what we have. : )
  • Number 6. Actually answer is unknown. DW and I enjoyed it as is. Whether it would be enjoyed more if thicker is unknown and will never be none. Even DW is not the same from having 4 kids. Kegels help but U will never be pre kid again. So my advice is take what God has given you, find many ways to enjoy it with what you have, or has we say in the Army adjust and fire and move on. SIMPER GUMBY. Our unit motto Always flexible.
  • Wife says size is perfect. The problem is personal and subjective.
  • Very first time my wife (fiancee at the time) saw my penis – which was erect – she said, “You’re beautiful!” For years, that memory helped me through many times when various aspects of sex were not going so well.
  • My erection is straight. No curve any direction. Haven’t measured girth in many years. My wife is pretty ‘meh’ to my penis, enjoys it but never makes comments either way. A few times she has said “it is HUGE”, but I know better. So it isn’t flattering at all.
  • I’m happily average in length, maybe a little above a ton girth. Caused some pain for wife early on and penetration took a while until after she gave birth. All good now, though. Perfect fit for us both. Definitely wouldn’t want any bigger and cause for issues again.
  • We have a good sex life, because we can talk openly about what we enjoy. I am blessed to have married a “sex positive” wife.I feel if I was longer I would not climax as quick.
  • I used to be concerned about being too small, but now I like it just the way I am!
  • I have Peyronie’s Disease (which causes my penis to curve up sharply when erect.) Thankfully we can still have PIV sex and (again, thankfully!) my wife is fine with both my size AND my shape. She has never orgasmed from PIV anyway so it isn’t an issue. When she does orgasm (75% of the time) about 2/3 of that it is from oral and 1/3 from digital stimulation.
  • ED set in 10 years ago so size or performance doesn’t matter any more.
  • She says its fine and wouldn’t want me any bigger. It’s more of a confidence thing for me.
  • My wife has always been happy with my size. I used to have a hang up about it, especially flaccid, but she finally convinced me that I’m just right.
  • Wife complains that it’s too big around and uses that as the reason why she avoids sex. I don’t think it’s very big at all and in fact, it’s lack of length has severely limited our sex life to only one position: missionary. I’m not long enough to reach her for rear entry and she refused to be on top.
  • Wife measured me unexpectedly – that was fun. I feel I’m avg. I’m happy and don’t feel one way or the other about it really. When the wife and I talk there are times I know that I can make her uncomfortable in some positions and get the feeling she would like me to be smaller. However, more often I get the impression she would like me to be bigger when she uses words to describe “being filled” or in the moment when she wants me “deeper” while I’m in as far as I can go. Mentioning to her that I wouldn’t mind being a bit bigger made her give me a funny look though.
  • I think I have a big penis. I’m uncut. But, I know that size doesn’t make a difference to women. But, I would like it if she were to say, ” You’ve got a big penis and I love it.” (She doesn’t say that very often.) After all, what does she have to compare it to. We were both virgins when we married and I used to be addicted to porn. So, I’ve seen a lot. She hasn’t seen any other penises at all.
  • My wife has never said i was too small. When we were first married, it was difficult for her to accommodate the feeling of being stretched more than the depth. That obviously changed over time although it wasn’t until after our first child before it stopped being an issue altogether. My wife has complained about me going too deep in some situations and does not care for that at all. I feel like I’m pretty average in both length and girth. Just some positions allow me to be deeper and that isn’t always fun for her.
  • My penis was plenty long and round enough when I was younger, but erection is not that big now. We still enjoy sex, but miss the former feelings.
  • I sometimes think that it would be nice to have a little more girth, but I believe it is really just a vanity thing. When I do have a good solid erection, my wife usually makes the comment (not a complaint), that I feel really huge when I enter her. So I guess, in reality, we are all good. 😁
  • For PIV my wife is mostly pleased with it’s size. For fellatio, she complains it is too wide for her to accommodate for any extended sessions. She will suck me only a few times a year for only a short time and Never allows me to ejaculate into her mouth and rarely makes me orgasm with her mouth even though I’d love that. I’m a big fan of blow jobs and an eager provider of cunnilingus [& anilingus] as often as I can. She has also said that my penis is too wide for anal penetration. She enjoys toys and a finger or two in her butt, but when we have put my erection in her anus a few times it is often too large for her and causes some discomfort. I understand that there are ways to train her butt for comfortably accepting my wide penis, but so far she has not devoted any time or interest in that so far. I love my wife deeply and enjoy our sexual activities and only wish we could have sex more frequently (currently 2 or 3 times a month) and expand our repertoire a bit with more anal activities and fellatio.
  • My wife is larger than me and a longer penis would help stay inside in some positions.
  • There are multiple positions we have tried and want to make work, but can’t because I am too short.
  • My wife finds deeper penetration uncomfortable and when I push fully in with her legs back I hit her cervix. So we can’t do deep thrusting and if we do it has to be missionary with legs down or doggy style so her butt gives padding against depth.

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