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The Marriage Bed is a Christian alternative for married and engaged couples looking for information on sex and intimacy. 

We take the truth of the Bible with a lot of science thrown in to teach, encourage, and equip you to build your sex life and marriage relationship. Whether you are starting out as newlyweds, struggling through some problems, or just want to improve an already great marriage, we offer a great selection of information and resources from a safe, biblical perspective.

Be a Berean! (Acts 17:11) We work very hard to share sound, truthful information on this site and link to good, safe sources. However, for wisdom’s sake, we ask you to hold everything you read up to the standard of the Word of God before you accept and apply to your lives.

Here are some great places to start in exploring The Marriage Bed site.

Our Thoughts on Marriage – A quick overview of what frames what we say and how we write.

There is a large selection of articles in each of these sections on the Home Page.
   What the Bible Says About Sex and Marriage
   The Biology of Sex
   Soonly Wed?
   Build a Healthy Sex Life

Q&A Forum – Please join us to ask questions and discuss perspectives.

Surveys – Take a survey or look through past survey findings.

Resources – A great collection of marriage-building blogs, books, articles, products, and more.

We also have a Facebook page and Twitter feed, easy ways to stay current with anything new at The Marriage Bed.

Welcome to The Marriage Bed!


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