wedding rings hanging on flowering tree branch

looking for love

why wait?

Our choices have consequences. Be wise. Wait to have sex after marriage and pick the good consequences.

keeping sexually pure

Guest authors Tom and Catherine share how they dealt with staying sexually pure before they exchanged I do’s.

how far before marriage?

How far should you go sexually before marriage? Let’s look at the Bible, science, experience, and more to think through those choices.

we didn’t wait, now what?

This article is in the works. Check back soon.

a ring and a date

when do we discuss sex?

You need to talk about this important-to-your-marriage topic. Find a safe place and make sure you are on the same page.


There are so many birthcontrol options. Take the time to discuss your beliefs and make an informed decision.

wedding bells

sex for the clueless bride

It’s exciting to look forward to the first night, but at the same time a little scary. Here are a few thoughts and ideas that should help.

sex for the clueless groom

Feeling unprepared for your first night? Here are a few thoughts about beginning the journey to a healthy sex life.

especially for newlyweds

What a wonderful season in your marriage! Guest authors Mark and Teri encourage you to get to know each other and begin to grow together.


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