Setting the Scene

by Lori

Making love with your spouse should be a delightful time of intimacy and pleasure. Here are some things to consider in making your private time more comfortable and enjoyable.


  • Get a lock for your bedroom door or choose places where you will be alone with no chance of people wandering in.
  • Consider the noise factor. Insulation in walls, sound-absorbing fabrics (carpets, drapes, etc.), cover music, or taking the farthest bedroom in the house can help keep your sexuality private.
  • It’s also a good idea to get a locking box or drawer for bedroom items like birth control, lubricant, sex manuals, etc. (especially if you have nosy kids).

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  • A comfortable bed is a good piece of furniture to invest in. Not only will it make lovemaking more comfortable, but it will also help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Get some soft pillows for tucking here and there.
  • Consider the temperature of the room. I’m sure many of you can identify with the temperature issue. Work to find a balance between goosebumps and heat stroke. (Note to men from Paul – being too hot will not keep you from enjoying sex the way being too cold will for her!)


  • Make your bedroom a neat and attractive getaway place just for the two of you.
  • Buy a dimmer switch and install it on your bedside lamp for playing with light levels.
  • Try different-colored light bulbs (soft pink is nice).
  • Candles are a romantic lighting option (be sure and put them where they can’t be knocked over or get the LED kind).


  • If you like music, pick something you feel will enhance your lovemaking time and put it on repeat at a comfortable volume (most people prefer instrumental music, as words can be distracting).
  • There are also non-music soundtracks available (waterfalls, crickets, that sort of thing).
  • Use a white noise machine to block outside noise and to cover bedroom noise.


  • Be sure to bathe often enough to be pleasing to your spouse (deodorant is an optional preference).
  • Perfumes and scented powders are nice (don’t use too much). As an alternative, you could scent your sheets lightly instead.
  • Consider air fresheners, scented candles, and scented wax warmers.


  • Be sure to clip and file nails (both fingers and toes!).
  • Use lotion for soft skin.
  • Have soft clean sheets.
  • Store lubricants and massage lotion nearby.


  • Brush your teeth (floss and mouthwash optional).
  • Some folks like flavored items in the bedroom (food, flavored lotions and powders).


  • Have some small towels or wipes handy for cleanup.
  • Make sure that lighting and sound can be turned off from the bed.
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