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Safe Eyes LogoFiltered browsing is a great idea, but does it work the way it should? We tried many products that did not work as well as we felt they should. Then we found Safe Eyes – a filter which does what we think a filter should do, and does it well. Click the Safe Eyes image below to get a 15 day free trial. Please read our Q & A for some important information and considerations.


Q. Can someone who knows computers by-pass it easily?
A. No. Without the master password the system cannot even be uninstalled.


Q. Can I set up separate profiles for myself and my kids?
A. Yes. You can set a default profile to be loaded when your computer starts, with other profiles being available with their password.


Q. What does it cost?
A. You pay $49.95 yearly for up to three computers.


Q. Is TMB making any money off of this?
A. Yes, as a partner of Safe Eyes part of your purchase price goes to support TMB. However, this is not why we are recommending this filter – we looked at a number of products, and felt this was the best one for people who wanted to be able to access sites like TMB while keeping other sites out.


Q. Does TMB do technical support for Safe Eyes?
A. No, they have their own techs. We tested them, and they replied to us as a user on the free trial. However, if you have any problems you cannot resolve, let us know – part of the reason we are recommending Safe Eyes is we feel they offer an acceptable level of service!

Get Safe Eyes Parental Control Software(aff link) – One price for three computers!


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