Romance at a Glance

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Romance at a Glance

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Romantic Ideas

heart Carve your initials in a tree in your yard.

heart I bought a tear-off (day by day) calendar for my (then) fiance (now husband). It had a short quote for each day, and I wrote messages to him for each day as well. Sometimes it was a verse, or I read the quote or saying for the day, and wrote how he was doing in those areas, or just told him things I love about him. He looked forward to the new messages every day and has saved the pages of the calendar in his special memory box (which is romance to me!). It wouldn’t have to be done for every day, messages every once in a while are romantic — on a pretty practical gift! – submitted by Cindy T.

heart Create your own personal holiday (the anniversary of when you knew you were in love or just “Our Day”).

heart Do a chore for your spouse (yes, this can be romantic, especially if your spouse is the practical sort).

heart Give your spouse an all over massage.

heart Turn off your TV (and computer) and spend the evening talking or cuddling.

heart Leave a small love message spelled out with jelly beans, legos or whatever you have on hand.

heart Make up hand signals that means something personal or romantic (like tugging your left ear lobe means “I love you” or tapping the back of your spouse’s handmeans “let’s find a little privacy”).

heart Kiss your spouse while waiting for the stoplight to change.

heart Write little love messages on sticky notes and put them all over your spouses car, favorite chair of computer center.

heart Have a wrestling match or pillow fight and let your spouse win (of course, you are the prize).

heart Read aloud to each other before bedtime (maybe a couple’s devotional?).

heart Declare “Wife or Husband Appreciation Day.”

heart Have a small love message engraved on his/her keychain.

heart Send an e-card.

heart You can use dry erase markers on the bathroom mirror to leave a message for your spouse (I used to use lipstick). The markers make for easier cleanup and a more colorful message (I purchased a package of 4 colored markers). – submitted by Rhonda L.

heart Invite your spouse to play strip poker, Uno or Scrabble (rules may vary).

heart If you have a spouse that travels alone, get a copy of the itinerary and contact the hotel in advance asking them to deliver flowers or a note to the room. You might get referred to a local florist by the hotel as they may not provide that service. One time I ordered a bottle of wine for my wife to be chilled in her room when she arrived. (submitted anonymously)

heart Create a spa experience at home. Plan a weekend filled with spa-type treatments, bubble bath, manicure, pedicure, therapeutic massage. Decorate the house with streamers, balloons, etc. Prepare gourmet meals, or have them brought in, along with favorite beverages. Pamper your spouse continuously for the entire time. End the weekend with a shopping expedition for favorite items (e.g., clothes, sporting goods, household accessories) and dinner at a fine dining establishment. (submitted by Keith S.)

heart Pack his lunch everday. Food always tastes better when someone else has fixed it. (submitted by Tracy M.)

heart Drive by the place where he or she works and leave a note in their car. (submitted by Tim M.)

heart When eating popcorn (usually while viewing a movie), feed it to each other. After awhile, hold one piece between your teeth, and the other can bite half of it off, creating a “popcorn kiss.” (submitted by J.E.C.)

heart Sing a love song that you’ve made up yourself. It doesn’t matter if you sound silly, because laughter is sexy. I often make up my own words to popular lullabys or children’s tunes. This works especially well when my husband is in a bad mood. Sometimes, I sing off key on purpose to make him smile. (submitted by Kelly J.)

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Especially for Him

heart Make a blanketor throw in his favorite color fleece.

heart Wash and wax the car.

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Especially for Her

heart Bring on the chivalry – open her car door, hold her chair, etc.

heart Offer to brush her hair.

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Gift Ideas

heart Gifts can be given anywhere, at anytime.

heart Play gift tag with a special item, finding ingenious ways to return it to your spouse.

heart Give a gift certificate from his/her favorite store or restaurant.

heart Cards are always a good idea.

Keep a few cards on hand to give to your spouse at special moments to express appreciation, love or encouragement.

Try your hand at making a card, it will be loved for the effort and sentiment.

Tuck a card someplace he/she will find it later (under his/her pillow, under the windshield wiper, in his/her lunchsack, current reading book, briefcase, purse, refrigerator – anyplace your spouse goes frequently).

heart Give him/her a jar with 365 chocolate kisses (or other favorite candy).

heart Give him/her love coupons (can be everything from practical to sexy) here are a few that you canprint out.

heart Send a love letter.

Write a love letter and have it sent by registered mail.

Write a love letter, roll it up in a ribbon and put it on his/her pillow.

heart Give him/her a certificate or small trophy of appreciation/achievement (great kisser award, most supportive husband/wife, etc.).

heart Give flowers.

Bring home a flower every few days. As flowers wilt, remove them and you will have a continually changing bouquet.

Plant flowers (in the ground or in pots) on/by thefront porch.

Never underestimatethe single rose.

heart Give photos.

Have a wedding picture or fun photo of the two of you framed.

Have a photo painted as a portrait.

heart Nothing says love like chocolate. 🙂

heart Write down the top twenty things you love about him and give it to him.

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Gift Presentation

heart Leave a trail of clues to the spot where you’ve hidden a gift.

heart Leave a trail of yarn or ribbon to follow to the gift.

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Date Ideas

heart Have a picnics (in or out of doors).

heart Play your favorite sport – or try a new one.

heart Meet for lunch at “your restaurant.”

heart Pretend to be tourists and visit the sites your city has to offer.

heart Take in a movie – matinee, evening, or at home movie night (be sure and make popcorn).

heart Visit a museum or art gallery.

heart Go garage sale-ing or hit the flea markets.

heart Pull out all your old records (that’s forus oldies), tapes or CDs and have a fun in home concert.

heart Try a new restaurant.

heart Have dinner in – fix his/her favorite meal or pick a fun theme.

heart Have a game night and pull out the Scrabble, Cribbage, Monopoly or even Chutes and Ladders.

heart Go out for coffee and dessert.

heart Create a date of the month club – mark special days onyour calendaror issue cards good for theme dates, classic romantic dates, return to childhood dates (roller skating, miniature golf, etc.), etc.

heart Go out for a drive as an adventure not necessarily knowing the destination, but for the joy of the journey. (submitted anonymously)

heart The Fast Food Picnic. (submitted by Todd D.) For this one you need a little planning ahead for a picnic inside a fast food restaurant. Call the manager to make sure it’s okay to reserve the facility. Most managers will be more than willing to accommodate. Bring in your basket. Make sure to add a table cloth (if not in the basket) and candles with a holder (unscented is preferred). Enter the store and order as usual but when you go to sit down bring out the table cloth and candles. Sometimes employees, usually female, will come out to refill drinks and such. Unwrap food and pour drinks into glasses. Enjoy both her stares and the entire restaurant. Requirements: Picnic basket or backpack Fast food restaurant Person to share food with

heart Pick a theme and create a dinner around that theme. Decorate accordingly. For example, for a tropical theme, decorate with pictures of fish and palm trees. Coconuts makes a great candle holder when split and washed. Make hawian chicken and tropical fruits for dessert. Be creative. (submitted by Melissa R.)

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Anniversary Ideas

heart Write a list of things that you love about your spouse – one for every year of marriage – the longer the marriage, the more things to love about them.

heart Take a tour of the places that are a part of your romantic history – go to dinner at the first place you shared a meal, visit the spot where you firstsaid “I love you” and say it again, go by the church where you married, etc.

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Valentine’s Day Ideas

heart Give your sweetie zillions of kid’s Valentine’s cards. Most of them have outrageous puns.

heart Buy 14 small gifts, one for each day from the 1st to Valentine’s Day (save the nicest gift for last).

heart I made a calendar on my computer for the month of February and then on a second blank calendar page I filled in special “treats” for my wife each day. For example: Backrub on Command Day, Hot Bath and Massage Night, Mommy Day (a day where I keep the kids busy so she can concentrate on herself), Lunch with My Lover, and other stuff like that. At the start of each day, she gets to lift the cutout window I made over the date on the first page to reveal what’s underneath. – submitted by Dale K.

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Christmas Ideas

heart Get a stocking and fill with fun stuffers to be shared in private.

heart Go caroling together.

heart Make a special “I love you” ornament.

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heart “All I really need is love, buta little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!” – Lucy Van Pelt (in Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz)

heart “Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a NAS

heart “Love is not only something you feel. It’s something you do.” – David Wilkerson

heart Love is a fruit in season at all times, and in reach of every hand.–Mother Teresa

heart A loving heart is the truest wisdom.–Charles Dickens

What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.–Pearl Bailey

heart “Whoever pursues godliness and unfailing love will find life, godliness, and honor.” – Proverbs 21:21

heart Be faithful to your love and you will be recompensed beyond measure.–Albert Schweitzer

heart “Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all transgressions.” – Proverbs 10:12

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“I love you” in other languages

heart Chinese: Wo ie ni.

heart Dutch: Ik hou van joy (submitted anonymously)

heart French: Je t’aime.

heart German: Ich liebe dich.

heart Greek:S’agapo.

heart Hawaiian:Aloha wau ia ‘oe!

heart Hebrew: Ani ohevet otcha (man to a woman) Ani oheve otach (woman to a man) (submitted by Caroline S.)

heart Italian: Ti amo.

heart Japanese: Kimi o ai shiteru.

heart Klingon: Qabang!!! (of course, klingons never say anything without emphasis)

heart Pig Latin: I ovelay ouyay.

heart Portugese: Eu te amo.

heart Russian: Ya Tebya Lubloo. (submitted anonymously)

heart Spanish: Te amo.

heart Yiddish: Kh’hob dikh lib!

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