Massage Candle: Playing with Fire!

message candle: playing with fire!

We recently tried the Don’t Stop massage candle – a totally different product.

As the candle burns, it produces a nice massage oil. The oil is much cooler than standard candle wax. Dripped directly on the body it feels hot for half a second, but it doesn’t hurt and it won’t burn.*

The candle has to burn a bit to build up a good pool of oil, which could be used for nice effect. Invite your spouse into the room lit by the massage candle. If s/he know what the candle means they will understand the invitation being offered. Let the oil form as clothes are removed and you make them comfortable. Then blow out the candle (the pool of oil will stay liquid for about fifteen minutes) and let the massage begin. What happens next is up to the two of you.

At $29.99 this is not an impulse item, but total burn time is said to be 46 hours, so one candle will give you many enjoyable massages. The candle is about setting a scene and inviting intimacy. She steps out of the shower to the candle, or he comes home from a long day to see it burning. How great is that?

Don’t Stop massage candle is available from Covenant Spice.

* Please note this is not like using a standard candle, which may be painful and/or cause burns.

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