Man On Top

Man on Top
by Paul Byerly

not your parent’s missionary position

It’s tempting to think of man-on-top sex as the position of choice for uptight people (done in the dark, of course). In reality, man-on-top has a lot to offer. This is why both men and women put it in the top three to five in any list of favorite sex positions.

Man-on-top is generally comfortable for both spouses and can be done for a long while. It allows the couple to see each other and even kiss. Beyond this, face to face positions give much better genital contact for women who orgasm from intercourse.

Here are some tips for making the most of man-on-top sex.

change the angle

Putting a pillow under her rear changes things up and it may increase stimulation for her. It also reduces contact with the opening of the urethra. If sex induced UTIs are a problem this can help. This change may also reduce irritation of the entrance of the vagina if you have prolonged sex.

get anchored

Lie so his feet are against the foot board. If you don’t have a foot board turn around and use the headboard or the wall. Doing this keeps you from sliding down during sex.

make short strokes

Men are stimulated by the entire stroke. For women, most of the stimulation is when he’s is more fully inserted and providing stimulation for her clit. So short deep thrusting means more stimulation for her. Additionally, this can reduce his stimulation. Arousal causes the first couple of inches of the vagina to tighten, while the deeper parts open up. So long strokes put the head of his penis in the tighter part of the vagina, giving him greater pleasure. Staying deep means the penis is not getting squeezed as much. It’s still good, but it won’t put him over the top as fast.

coital alignment technique (CAT)

This is missionary with the man higher on the woman’s body by an inch or two. This allows the base of his penis and/or pubic bone to stimulate her clit. Being anchored helps as it’s easy to slide down on many beds. A pillow under her hip will also help. Movement should be more grinding than thrusting. One study found that CAT increased the woman’s odds of orgasm by 56% as compared to standard missionary position. It takes a bit of practice, but if it results in her being able to climax, it’s worth it!

shake it up

If she doesn’t usually climax from intercourse alone (and most women don’t), putting a small vibe between your bodies could make intercourse orgasmic for her. A vibe with a remote gives you easier control than one with a wired controller. BTW, he’s going to feel the vibrations too and most men find that enjoyable.

keep going

If he comes first, he can push in deep and make very short strokes. This is very stimulating for her but is unlikely to be enough to over-stimulate him. He should be able to keep going like this even with a partial erection.

go for the quickie

If your goal is a quickie for him, missionary is easy for her and fast for him. Long strokes will take him over the line quickly.

Give some or all of these a try. Find something you both want to repeat!

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