Male Stroker

male stroker

A male stroker is a soft tube that slides over an erect penis and can be moved to stimulate a man to orgasm. These devices can be used for solo masturbation (such as when a couple is separated) or used by a woman to pleasure her husband.

We’ve recommended these to a few couples, but had never tried one. So now that we’re doing product reviews we both had this on our “to try” list.

The one we tried is the Super Head Honcho. It’s made of light pink silicone, is 6½ inches long, and has a great deal of stretch to it. The end is open making cleaning easier and making it possible to turn the sleeve inside-out.

Paul: The stroker gives a surprisingly strong level of stimulation. It doesn’t feel anything like a body part. It gives good tight contact all over.

On a purely physical level, it was great, but it felt less intimate than a handjob because of the lack of skin on skin. If she offered something when she was dead tired this would be my choice because it would be easier for her and good for me.

Lori: It certainly is easy to work with and would be great to use when tired or for a quickie.

thoughts on mechanics

Before we got this we were concerned about the “one-size-fits-all” nature of such a device. Penises come in a wide range of lengths and girths, and we wondered if this product would only “fit” guys who are average.

Having seen the stroker, we no longer have these concerns. If a guy is long enough to poke out the end the solution is to not slide it all the way down. Short would be a non-issue, although shorter than four inches would mean the head would not be in the nubbed area. The sleeve stretches a great deal without getting too tight. It would easily work on a penis 6” around, which covers about 99% of men. On the other end of girth, only the smallest 1 or 2 percent of men might feel the sleeve is loose, but squeezing it harder would fix that.

The recommendation is to use a lot of lube with this product. Without that, I think it could be downright painful! Covenant Spice sent us Gun Oil with the stroker and it worked very well. You can’t use silicone lube as it will cause damage to this product. Oil-based would work, but cleanup would be much more difficult. Coconut oil should work just fine if that’s your lube of choice. Our suggestion is a premium water-based lube applied liberally to the penis and the entrance of the stroker.

Sliding the stroker on requires a firm erection and a couple of hands. If you get lube on the outside of the stroker things can get tricky. The other way to get the stroker on the penis is to sort of roll down the entrance part – basically, turn it halfway inside-out. Insert the penis and then roll the sleeve down toward the base. This method is likely a better choice for a large penis, a man who isn’t circumcised, or a less than full erection.

If you store this someplace cool the stroker is going to feel cold at first. Hot water would be a fast way to warm it. Even if it’s not cold, warming it would feel nice for most men.

Cleaning the stroker isn’t bad, but we suggest doing it sooner rather than later. Because both ends are open you can put one end on the faucet and flush water through. Start with cold water, then go to hot. Turn it inside-out and use soap as needed. Leave it inside-out to dry then turn it right-side-out to dry the outside.

is this for you?

Looking at reviews of the product, both on Covenant Spice and elsewhere, we see a mixed bag. Most women seem fairly positive, while men are more split. A majority seem to like it better than a handjob, but some find it inferior. He may love it or he may like it, but very few men are going to dislike it. At $21.99 this is not a high-cost toy, so it’s not a huge investment.

Some situations where this would be a great item:

  • A couple wants to have sex but can’t have intercourse for whatever reason. Use toys on each other at the same time or take turns.
  • When she’s dead tired but he really needs the release.
  • When he’s dead tired but knows he’s so horny he’ll have a difficult time sleeping.
  • For women who find handjobs difficult because their hands/arms get tired or they have a physical limitation.

The Super Head Honcho is available from Covenant Spice.

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