Love Coupons

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Coupons are a great gift idea. They can be personalized and they give you flexibility when it comes to time, money, and energy.

They can be made for any price range (from free to extravagant). You can use them to speak any love language. Use them to celebrate or “just because.” 

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Here are a few coupon giving suggestions.

♥ Create books of coupons (you can make your own book with a stapler or fill a small photo album with coupons).  You can put a date on the coupons so that they can be redeemed over time (perhaps one a month for the following year) or you can leave them opened ended with prep time requests like, “Good for the meal of your choice (48 hours notice required).”  That gives you time to get the meal ingredients and rework your schedule if you need to. 

♥ Create coupons in a theme.  Service gifts, cooking gifts, chore gifts, sexual play gifts, date night gifts, etc.

♥ Tuck coupons into other gifts.  Put a few in a new wallet. Put a few in a book like bookmarks. Tuck a few into new socks or the pocket of a new pair of jeans.

♥ Get creative with pictures.  Print out a picture of his/her favorite game (card, board, gaming or computer) and use it as a “coupon” for [however much] playtime with you (great couple time doing something that he/she enjoys).  Pictures just make your coupons a bit more fun and colorful.

♥ You could buy a book that you will read together and attach coupons throughout the pages.  They can be redeemed when you get to that chapter ~ double incentive!

♥ Be sure to create some “wild card” coupons that give your spouse the freedom to ask for something he/she wants. If that’s a bit nervy, create multiple choice coupons where your spouse has the option of picking from several choices.

♥ Fold up and seal a number of coupons in a container. Let your spouse know that every Friday night [or whenever] he/she gets to pick one and redeem it.

Coupons are in doc and PDF forms. You can open the doc files and type what you want (there’s a text box in each coupon) or print the PDF and write by hand. (You may need to right-click to save). When working with the doc file, you can change text font, color, and size. You can format text, and add an image. ENJOY!

All coupons are eight to a page.

 Love Rose Valentine Coupon

image credit © Tatyana Nyshko |

 Plate Valentine Coupon

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Sex Valentine Coupon

image credit © © Nyul |

image credit
couple holding a love coupon © ViDi Studio / Adobe Stock


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