How to Strip (Female)

woman showing waist

Note: Since this was first put on the TMB message boards (now the Q&A Forum), we’ve had a lot of positive comments from both wives and husbands. More than a few men say it’s the best birthday present they ever received!

I’ve never been to a strip club, but as a lifelong male, I have a pretty good idea of what a guy wants in a strip show. This is to give you ideas, modify based on who you are and who he is.

how his brain works

Don’t overlook the “tease” in striptease. Guys enjoy being sexually teased; many women don’t enjoy sexual teasing, and thus “don’t get it”. Trust me on this, sexual teasing if a very good thing for a man – provided you follow up by fully satisfying him.

You want to almost show something, then show it and quickly cover it, and then repeat before permanently removing each item of clothing. You also want to give limited looks at a newly uncovered body part at first, working up to a better and better view.

Another part of the tease is that he does not get to touch you. You can touch him, but he can’t touch you.

the set up

Doing the striptease somewhere other than the bedroom provides an added thrill, if you can manage it. You want very good lighting so he can fully appreciate the body he so enjoys. Forget about how you feel about your body – he thinks your naked body is hot. An overhead light plus one or two side light sources is best. Place a chair for him situated so you can easily move all the way around him. Put a second chair, or better a stool, nearby – this is for your use. You don’t want him naked, but you want him dressed so that you can easily access his more sexual parts. Nothing but a pair of boxers would be a good choice. (Buy him something to wear, and use it as a reminder/turn-on later). Some music is a good idea – moving to a strong beat will help you feel more at ease, and silence other than his heavy breathing may feel a bit uncomfortable!

Before you start, give him the rules (see below) and send him off to get dressed/undressed per your directions, before sitting in the chair. When you send him away be dressed normally, giving no hint of what is to come. Give him more than enough time to get to his spot, and then while still in your regular clothes go into the room and turn on the music and the lights. Make a fuss about getting the lights just right – you are building anticipation here. Give him a quick kiss and tell him the show will start shortly. Then go to another room and get dressed (below).

the rules

He must stay in the chair, with his hands at his sides unless directed to do otherwise by you. He can turn his head, but his back must stay against the chair back. He is not allowed to touch you unless you tell him to, and he is not allowed to talk. Modify these as you see fit based on what you know about him and yourself. For example, you might want to tie his hands at his sides, or allow him to whistle or cheer.

what to wear

Again, think tease. You want layers, and you want to give hints with fabric that is clingy, shear, or has openings. Black and red are good colors, as is pure white. Mix and match, dark outer garments and white undies for example. For the outer clothes, a skirt is a must. A short skirt will work, but longer with a zipper or buttons give you more to work (tease) with. Your blouse/top also works well if it has buttons or a zipper. Bra – see-through or lace on the top part is fine, but the nipples should be concealed so you can tease him. Front hook is easier to work with and gives some good tease opportunities. Panties – you do not want a thong, make him wait for a clear look at your rear. Panties with a see-through back (lace or mesh) are good. Stockings (but not pantyhose) are great because of the way you can move your legs and expose your rear and crotch when you remove them. Shoes with a good deal of heel are a big plus, if you can move well in them. Add a hat or a scarf, gloves, or one of his ties – more to remove, and more to tease with. Jewelry is also good – anything that moves and catches the light is nice. Try a necklace that disappears down your top, a body chain around your waist, and/or an ankle bracelet. Jewelry is the only thing you should still have on when you are done stripping, so do something that will catch his interest when you are nude. Finally, don’t forget some perfume – something bold, and use more than a hint!

doing it

The Self-Conscious Factor: Try to forget about how silly you feel. He is not thinking this; he is thinking how hot you are, and how great it is that you are doing this for him. If dancing makes you feel silly, then don’t; you can undress and move around in a way that will drive him wild without dancing.

Start Up Close: Enter the room, and circle the chair slowly, giving him a good look at you. As you pass behind him, lean over and whisper in his ear, telling him you are going to strip for him, or something else to get him going. Stop in front of him, and bend over so he can peek down your blouse. Straddle one of his legs and lower yourself onto it, then briefly rub your crotch against his leg.

The Moves: Move continually, mostly in front of him, but occasionally going behind him. Use the empty chair/stool – put a leg up on it, sit on it and slowly part your legs, bend over and put your hands on it, stand behind it and spread your legs – be creative. As you move, give him a view of you from all sides, and of you standing, bending, and so on. Move up close from time to time and give him a good look – or touch him. In particular, make contact between parts of his body and your breasts, rear, and crotch. Touch his penis occasionally through whatever he is wearing – but only in a limited way and for a short period of time; tease, tease, tease.

Getting Naked: This should take a good while. Don’t just remove something – play with it: one button at a time, half an inch at a time. Slide clothing aside for a moment to give a quick peek. Unfasten, or partly unfasten an item, and then move around before you finish taking it off. Understand that he likes seeing your hands on the parts of you that he wants to touch, so stroking, squeezing and rubbing your breasts and crotch is good. Do this through clothing, underclothing, and unclothed. You can accentuate these actions by making a face that says “that feels good”. Remember, it’s all about the teasing. Fully unbutton your shirt, and then turn your back on him before you remove it. Turn back to him, but with the shirt held over your bra. When your breasts are naked, go and shake them in his face – just out of reach. Turn and bend over, slip your panties down to show your rear, and then pull them back up before you face him again. When your panties finally come off, keep your legs together at first, denying him what he is now crazy to see. Kneel and place his leg between your breasts. Place your foot up on his chair between his legs, and gently rub him with your foot. When you are down to just panties give his leg a good ride, or take his hand and rub the backside of it against your crotch. Be aware that he can see your vulva from the backside if you bend over, and make use of this. You don’t have to stay on your feet – you can kneel, crawl, lay on the floor, and even roll around a bit.

The Talk: You can add to his pleasure by what you say. Tell, or ask, him about your body – tweak your nipples to make them erect and say “Do you like it when my nipples are hard?” Slip your hand in your panties and report to him that you are getting wet. Ask him which breast he wants to see uncovered first, or if he is ready for some item of clothing to come off. Don’t feel compelled to do what he says.

the grand finale

If you are up for it, finish your performance by letting him watch you enjoy a self-induced orgasm. You can use his body, or do it yourself. To drive him over the top, put a chair in front of him, sit down, put your feet on his knees, spread wide, and masturbate. Bonus point for penetration. If masturbating to orgasm is not something you want to do, you can play at it a bit and then get him to help you finish up.

finishing him

How you follow up is up to you, and what you think he will like. He will be extremely aroused when you are done, so don’t expect him to last long – even if he usually does. Give him an orgasm there in the chair, or bend over the stool and ask him to take you from behind, or do him on the floor, or take him to bed.


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