Was 2013 good for your marriage?

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Did your marriage get better or worse in 2013?

85 women and 84 men have answered
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A rating of 3 is neutral, higher is improved, lower is got worse. Below are the averages for men and women.

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  • Over all marriage improved, with women seeing more improvement than men.
  • Women overall rated sex as somewhat improved, while men had it slightly worse.
  • Women as a whole enjoyed sex more, while men were just above neutral.
  • Men and women are both hopeful, but women more than men.
  • For men the sex questions tended to be given very high or very low answers with about a quarter giving a zero or a six for the two questions. Three, the neutral answer, was least chosen by men for these two questions.
  • A third of women gave a six for each of the sex questions. Half of women gave a 5 or a 6 for the sex questions, while less than 20% gave 0 or 1.

What one thing do you want to change in your marriage in 2014?

Women – number is how many mentioned each item

13 Improved Communication
9 More and/or better sex 12345678
8 More time together (included 2 specifically mentioning date nights)
3 Openness (without fear or defensiveness)
2 Finances
2 Get Divorced
2 More Romance
2 Trust/Honesty
2 Spiritual aspects of Marriage
2 His temper/anger
2 My temper/anger
1 Not argue about stupid things
1 Not get divorced (as planned)
1 To feel loved
1 Adjust to his retirement
1 More physical affection
1 Worry less
1 More affection
1 Unity
1 Respect
1 Boundaries
1 Have a baby

Men – number is how many mentioned each item

17 More/better sex
7 More intimacy (not specified as sex)
6 More time together (included 2 specifically mentioning dates)
5 Be a better husband, understand her better
4 Improved Communication
4 Working together on our marriage
3 Hopeless answer
3 More trust
2 Her being less selfish
2 Mutual patience
2 Romancing her
1 Better attitudes
1 Less judgmental
1 Her initiating
1 Less stress
1 More like minded
1 Finances
1 Free from outside influences