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Managing a discussion group is always a challenge, and a group discussing sexual issues has additional challenges. As the Marriage Bed e-mail list grew, we felt the need to have some wise counsel to help us define and manage the forum. The oversight group (OG) was formed in March of 2001 to provide this help. The OG sets rules and policy, mediates problems between individuals, and keeps an eye on Paul and Lori. When The Marriage Bed became a non-profit ministry, the board of directors authorized the OG to continue to do what it had been doing.

The members of the OG are not identical in their views, and often when an issue arises there are various ideas about what should be done. Usually a consensus is reached, but occasionally it comes down to a majority vote. All members of the OG are equal in authority, with one person selected by the group to be its spokesperson (the “voice of the OG”).

The 11 members of the OG are all married (some spouses are on the OG, some are not) and all have been a part of the Marriage Bed boards for at least six months. The political beliefs of the OG members vary, as do certain doctrinal beliefs, but all can say “amen” to the TMB Statement of Faith.

There are currently 9 active OG members, 2 semi-active members, and 2 non-active members. Of the 11 active and semi-active members, six are female. Occupations include white collar, blue collar, clerical collar, T-shirt, stethoscope, and at home moms. Two members are not US citizens. Members range in age from under 25 to over 50. Years married range from not yet 2 to 25.

The OG is not a handpicked group of “yes men” – on more than one occasion the OG has pushed for something other than what the Byerlys would have done. (And they were right too – Paul.) The boards have been shaped by the OG, and this will continue to be true.

Some OG members have chosen to reveal their names, others have not. Those who have are:

Rev. Dale Kaufman (Dale) – the voice of the OG since 9/2002
Lori Byerly (Lori B)
Paul Byerly (Paul B)

Anyone can send e-mail to the OG as a group by using this address. Suggestions and concerns about the e-mail list are best sent to the OG, as this is the group that sets policy.

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