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message boards © The Marriage Bed, Inc.The Marriage Bed bulletin board is designed to be a safe place for married Christians to discuss sex and intimacy from a biblical standpoint. There is a good deal of biblical and scientific information shared, as well as discussion of personal beliefs and perspectives.

Members must be married (spouses of unbelievers are welcome) and followers of Christ and His Word. Engaged couples (ring and a date) are also welcome.

The board operates under the belief that God created us to greatly enjoy sex, and that He placed very few limits on sex within marriage. The list functions with the understanding that all sexual activity outside of marriage is sinful.

On The Marriage Bed boards, Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the ONLY way to salvation, and the Bible is the final authority. The basic tenets of the Christian faith are not debatable issues, and minor theological differences should be gently accommodated.

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