Multiple Orgasms

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Multiple Orgasms?

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  • This was a broad definition of multiple orgasms – having more than one during any lovemaking session.
  • A quarter of women have never had more than one.
  • Thirty-five percent have them less than half the time.
  • Thirty-eight percent have them half the time or more.
  • Women 55 and over were mostly likely to answer almost all the time, with 21% in that category.
  • Women 35-44 were most likely to say most or almost all the time, with 35% in those two categories.


  • Multiple orgasm is a “skill” that can be learned at any age.
  • Looking only at older women, more had their first multiple after age 29 than before.


  • Some women said several of these are equally effective.
  • Some women said they have one during foreplay and another during intercourse.


  • Wish I could.
  • I have not had multiple orgasms, although I haven’t put much effort into pursuing them. I feel totally and completely fulfilled after one — and at that point not interested at all in pursuing another.
  • The mind is the biggest sexual organ… when my husband can tell me before hand he is going to do something later or make me orgasm later it’s almost a granted of things to come. It may be by hand orally or by intercourse or all 3. But the fact that I’m thinking about it until we’re together primes me.
  • Most intense orgasms are by oral sex. Never had multiples.
  • Since having children, the frequency of multiple orgasms has nearly gone to zero.
  • Nearly every time I’m stimulated, whatever the stimulus, I have multiple orgasms.
  • I’m sure I could have them more regularly but sex is usually too rushed for that. I feel selfish wanting more when he can only have one. I did summon up the courage to ask once and he had a negative reaction so I don’t want to ask again. The few times I did have 2 he seemed pleased with himself, but it doesn’t seem important to him to try. Also he said he may be a little concerned about unleashing something “wild” in me.(not a good wild)
  • In answer to #3, I did consider that, at this point in my marriage, if I wanted to have multiple orgasms most of the time, I likely could. But sometimes I savor a single, beautiful orgasm, and other times I simply savor the closeness and intensity of sex itself without needing to orgasm at all.
  • I have never had less than 2 orgasms in our entire marriage (and the first time I had sex was on our wedding night).
  • would love to have multiple orgasms but I don’t even always have one! We were married 19 years before I had my first. I wish it was different
  • First multiple orgasms with oral on me, then intercourse, vibrators, etc. I usually stop at 3 or so.
  • Once I got older (& after my hysterectomy), more comfortable with my body, and with a spouse that was more interested in my pleasure than his own, multiple organs are the norm for me.
  • This was difficult. When I am with my husband and having sex, I have never had multiples. But when I use to masturbate, I could make my self orgasm several times in a row. Is that considered multiples? I don’t know. #4 and #5 are in reference to my self-stim.
  • We have lots of practice and he knows how to hit the right buttons.
  • My husband loves to try to give me different types of orgasms. And I love to see what he can do!
  • My husband is awesome, I always come first and he really enjoys doing whatever it takes to make sure I am satisfied.
  • Didn’t have my first orgasm til 16 years of marriage…now it’s super easy and my husband loves to watch it happen!
  • Not really sure about the age (long time ago!)
  • Not interested in trying for them. After orgasm I am far too sensitive to be touched anywhere..nearly in pain.
  • I usually have 2, but think I could have more.
  • Can sometimes have multiples but mostly am one and done and don’t need more
  • Orgasms with G-Spot only, no clitoral orgasms 🙁
  • I wish I could!!!
  • I wish!!!!
  • We’ve been trying to work our way there. I tend to be really ticklish after the first orgasm, so he’s working on desensitizing me. It’s fun. 🙂
  • My husband really concentrates on ensuring I have an orgasm. They are easy for me when he makes it a priority.
  • It has been about 10 years since the last time. I miss them!
  • 39 years old and I never could figure this one out. 90% of the time I don’t orgasm at all. So I’ll be glad with one every now and then.
  • I’m not entirely sure if I’ve had multiples or not. A few times my husband has wanted to try to give me a second and I am too sensitive to continue any stimulation. However a couple of times while having intercourse if am not sure if I had multiple orgasms or just a very long one.
  • With intercourse 5-8. With a vibrator 2-3 but so much more fun and intimate with my man.
  • No matter how I approach the subject with him, my husband feels orgasm equals the end of sex. If I come first, he’s done with intercourse and wants to finish with a hand job. If he comes first, he most definitely is done, rolls over and goes to sleep and I’m left unfinished. I’ve never been given the opportunity to learn if I’m capable of multiple orgasms!
  • Usually combine vibe and intercourse. Best of both worlds!
  • Often it happens when he stimulates me manually to orgasm and them we move immediately to intercourse. Sometimes I have 2 more orgasms from inter course, though one is usually not as intense as the other.
  • I wish I were able to experience more pleasure with manual stimulation. It seems as though a vibrator is the only thing that does it anymore. When he uses his hand, I take FOREVER to reach orgasm. It’s frustrating and by that point I’m just.. done. I’m better with the vibrator than he is, but when I use it myself (rarely) , it’s done in secret and not part of our sexual intimacy. He is learning and becoming quite good at using it on me though!
  • I did not experience multiple orgasm until after the birth of my first child. My husband and I reached a new level of intimacy and trust. My husband KNOWS my body very well, and he knows what makes me tick… and he knows exactly how to get the job done, but it took a few years and a lot of practice to get there. We are in our mid 30’s now and our children are school aged, which gives us more time and energy to truly enjoy our sex life again. We have sex about 3-4 times a week, and I have at least 2 orgasms every time, sometimes 6 or 7.
  • I have only orgasmed during sex twice in my life
  • I wasn’t able to experience this until I finally released and forgave a family member for molesting me when I was a child. Since this healing, sex has changed tremendously for me for the better. I am able to trust my husband and relax more, because I now realize that I’m no longer defined by past abuse. I just regret that it has taken me this long to come to this healing point.
  • I never have just one.
  • I answered no to having had multiples. I have experienced it one time, only.
  • I was previously married for 15 years and never had multiple orgasms. I really believe it’s from the open honest, trusting relationship with my new husband that we have this extremely intense sexual bond. Both of us have never experienced what we have together. Thanking the Lord over and over. And let me say this we have a very active family, both work full time, a ton of kids in sports and still make time nightly for each-other.