Men: Want to Climax every Time?

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Do men want to climax every time?

281 men have answered
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If it were 100% your choice, would you climax every time you had sex with your wife? (Partner sex, with or without intercourse.)

79% I would climax every time
15% I would climax more than 90% of the time, but not every time
4% I would climax 75% to 90% of the time
1.4% I would climax 50% to 74% of the time
0% all choices less than 50% of the time

  • Most men want to climax every time.
  • Fewer than 6% want to climax less than 9 times out of 10.
  • Greater age did not result in a willingness to climax less often. In fact, the desire to climax every time went up for each age group, from 75% for those under 25 to 87% for those 55 and up.

Why would you choose to climax less than every time?

9% I find climax better when I do not do it every time.
76% Sometimes I want to focus on her or make it all about her.
2% Medical issues make climax too difficult or painful.
0% We practice Karreza; we both try to avoid climax some of the time.
0% We practice Karreza; we both limit climax to a few times a month at most.
2% We practice Karreza; I try to avoid climax most of the time while my wife is free to climax whenever she wants.
2% She wants it and I do not want or feel up to climax, so I do it for her.
6% Age limits my ability to climax, but I like to enjoy sex more often than I can climax.
7% Past porn, masturbation or other sexual excess has messed up my ability to climax reliably.
4% I/we are into climax control for me (this is the BDSM type, not Karreza.)

Comments on why:

  • I am so moved by the emotional connection that I am either unable or not wanting to continue sex at the pace needed to climax.
  • Sometimes the sex is all about satisfying my wife because I know there are times that she makes love with me even though she is not 100% into it. And I want her to know how much I appreciate when she does, so I take care of her without expecting to climax myself.
  • If it means my wife climaxes (never happened before in 12 years of marriage) I’ll happily go without one.
  • Less frequent climax has helped with sex addiction, but doesn’t interrupt cadence of intimacy as a couple.
  • Severe scarring (from a past surgery) makes it *REALLY* uncomfortable most of the time. That is why I prefer to (orally) please my wife. She is happy + I have less pain – so it’s a Win/Win for both of us.

The effect of Porn use

  • Those currently using a lot of porn were somewhat more likely to want to climax every time.
  • Those who have gone from a lot of porn use to little or none now were about twice as likely to choose to climax 50% to 90% of the time.

General Comments:

  • Climax is not easy as it once was but my wife tries very hard to make sure I do.
  • Optimal situation is to have intercourse and finish with oral (swallowing of course)!
  • I have intercourse with my wife about once a month. I masturbate to pornography almost every day. I hate it but can’t stop.
  • In the past, porn was a part of masturbation. I realized it was controlling me and keeping me from my wife. I gave up porn. Cold Turkey. I still masturbate as a supplement to sex, while thinking about her. She knows it. She also knows I would rather be with her. And what guy wouldn’t wanna Climax every time?
  • I don’t understand the thought process behind engaging in normal sexual activity but not having any desire to climax. I know there are many who think that way, but it’s a mystery to me. It’s the enjoyment and “goodness” of the pleasure of sexual climax that drives me to want to engage in those activities. Why stimulate yourself or participate in sexual activity if you have no desire for the pleasure? If you don’t care about the pleasure, wouldn’t it be better not to bother with sexual experiences at all? Why even pursue a sexual relationship like marriage with someone, that will by and large simple frustrate the other person and create friction in the relationship.
  • As I have gotten older I sometimes am not able to climax from vaginal intercourse. I wish my wife would be willing to finish me more often either by masturbating me or more so by orally finishing me. We engage in 69 almost every time we have sex as part of our foreplay but it has now been 2 years since she took me to completion orally. I really miss that release.
  • Intimate encounters (flirting/teasing) can happen far more often as a couple when there is no “demand” to climax on the males part.
  • No orgasm = big disappointment to me. Happens maybe once a year …