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  • Men and women give similar usage rates. The only difference being men said “40% to 80%” more than women and women said “more than 80%” more often.
  • Use was highest for those 55 and older, with 63% saying more than 80% of the time.


  • There were no real gender differences here.
  • Several said they use lube with sex toys.
  • One woman said flavoured lube when she does oral on him.
  • This would have been more informative if I had asked if couples engaged in each of these acts often.


  • About half of women said it increased their pleasure, while only a quarter of men said the same. A couple men commented it reduced their stimulation due to less friction.
  • Almost a quarter of women say lube increases their chance of climax.
  • Seven in ten women say it reduces pain or discomfort. (Men, did you know so many women experience pain or discomfort regularly?)

Brand/Type preference:

Commonly mentioned products or types, with percent who listed each.

Durex Play


Hand lotion


Just Like Me by Pure Romance LLC


KY yours and mine


Pjur woman


Liquid Silk


Olive oil


K-Y Warming gel


Wet Platinum








Water based – generic or store-brand


Coconut oil


Women’s Comments:

  • As I have gotten older I need it. But also as our sex life has become more adventurous and frequent it has become a must!
  • We use it mostly to enhance sexual intimacy and then occasionally when my hormones are out of whack.
  • Lube has been a necessity as I’ve been pregnant and nursing. when I’m not either sometimes I don’t need it.
  • When I first became sexually active, sex was regularly painful. My OBGYN actually told me that painful sex was normal for women. Thankfully I didn’t give up, and later discovered that the majority of women need to use a lubricant to have more pleasurable sex. My husband and I now use a lubricant every single time we have sex, and it has made a world of difference!
  • I was introduced to lube recently and it did wonder for me and my hubby, because the chaffing sometimes were unbearable.

Men’s Comments:

  • We both love the heating or cooling sensation that some offer.
  • We generally only use lube in situations where intercourse isn’t an option (those tough six weeks after she’s given birth) or if she doesn’t have enough of her own natural lube going to prevent friction, which isn’t very often.
  • In our early years, when wife was on BCP, we needed it. However, after kids and TL, no longer needed!
  • Why? Unless you have problems these products fail to live up to their ads.
  • We’ve tried artificial water based lubes, and none were all that great. Ever since finding coconut oil, we use it almost every time we have sex. It is quite simply God’s gift to married folks. Not only is it slippery, melts at body temp, and stays around a good while, it’s good for the skin and the innards of her lady bits. It has some limited anti-fungal/bacterial properties which seems to help keep things in balance down south. On top of it all, it feels great AND is inexpensive.
  • Wives, the use of lube while performing manual on your husband is greatly appreciated. Everything feels better to you when it’s sliding smoothly, right? It’s the same for us. Going dry may still get him there but it is much more pleasurable with lube. My bride has finally begun listening to this request after 10 years and has been shocked by the result.
  • If sex is just for me or because of a time constraint, we will use a lubricant to make sure that entry is not painful.
  • Used it when we were first married, but haven’t needed it since my wife went off of birth control.
  • The his/hers ky was no good.
  • Gel really helps during fore play with my wife and she loves me to use her vibrator. The gel does make it easier to slide it around for clitoris stimulation. I try to not use to much as I lose some sensation if there is too much lube present. My wife likes the lube because it makes intercourse more comfortable for her.
  • Rarely do we use it for intercourse. She doesn’t like the mess it can make.
  • Even though at times I think it may be required she is against the idea.
  • She likes it more to take the time instead of a quickie with oil….
  • Used it during first years of marriage, not since.
  • I Would like to Use Lube, But My Wife Is Dead Set Against It.
  • Starting to use lube was the first major step to getting our sex lives on the right track. I recommend anyone getting married to get some for the wedding night.
  • Love the coconut oil feel and taste, wish I could find a similar product without the smell. Getting harder and harder to explain to the kids why mommy and daddy smell like they went to the beach!
  • Even though we don’t use any, we could use some 25% of the time. Don’t use it because my wife doesn’t like the mess and feels like that is an admission she isn’t “working” right
  • Recently switched to coconut oil. It is fantastic, we use it for massages as well as intimacy. We will never use anything else.