How Many Times in 24 Hours?

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How Many Times in 24 Hours?

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  • About 95% of men and women have climaxed more than once in 24 hours.
  • Fifty-eight percent of women and 47% men have had four or more climaxes in 24 hours.
  • Twenty-seven percent of women and 7% of men have had seven or more in 24 hours.


  • In the last year, 85% of women and 74% of men have climaxed more than once in 24 hours.
  • In the last year, 42% of women and 11% men have had four or more climaxes in 24 hours.
  • In the last year, 19% of women and 1% of men have had seven or more in 24 hours.

Interesting age related data:

  • Women currently in the 35-44 year age range showed disproportionally high rates of climaxing eight or more times in 24 hours. This was true both for the “ever” question and the last year. Percent of women in each age range who have had eight or more ever or in the last year:



Last Year

< 25












> 54



  • Women currently in the 35-44 age range were the least likely to have had no more than 2 climaxes in 24 hours over the last year. They were also the least likely to have had no more than 3.
  • For men, those currently under 25 were far more likely to have had four or more climaxes in the last year. They were twice as likely as those25-34, and three times as likely as those 35-44.

Women’s comments:

  • 20-30 big and small climaxes in a 24 hour time. I lose count after that. I normally climax 5 or more times every time we have sex. I don’t understand what other women complain about but then again I know that I am lucky to have a husband who has always put me first.
  • Sex is fun!
  • Usually during intercourse he feels the need to jump right into sex, so not often do I experience fore-play with him. And when fore-play actually comes to play I feel like it’s rushed. So it’s actually very rare that I ever do climax or Im even in the mood.
  • My husband has a heart problem.
  • Zero should be an option.
  • Not climaxed ever. Physical difficulties with sex, penetration and orgasm. Getting there though. 🙂
  • This was during a single experience.
  • Would love to work on that record though!
  • After one orgasm I’m done!
  • My hubby makes sure I get there 1st before him and by the time the goes I’m satisfied. I’m also multi orgasmic so that helps a lot. But we also have this rule – if I didn’t climax then he owes 1 and Ii can collect anytime.
  • My hubby knows how to push my button….. over and over. He makes sure I have as many orgasms as I can possibly have before he gets his. 🙂
  • I don’t think I’ve counted. We just may have to put it to the test this weekend! 😉 I’m thinking at least 7.
  • We only did the 4 once… On our honeymoon, 15yrs ago. Now we go for quality over quantity.
  • New baby always puts a damper into things. 🙂
  • Climax, as in achieving orgasm. I think the most we’ve had intercourse is 4 times, in a 24 hour period. And in the past year twice in a 24 hour period.
  • I always climax multiple times during intercourse. been married for 9 years, and have three small children with one on the way.
  • Wish it was more though.

Men’s Comments:

  • Back in the old days (5 years ago) we would do it 2-4 times in a 24hr period and 3-5 times a week. Now it’s once every couple of weeks and maybe every 3 months that I experience multiple climaxing.:(
  • I have yet to learn multiples. And can’t handle more than one session a day.
  • Oh to be 21 and on my honeymoon again 😉
  • In my early 20s, I could climax up to 8 times in 24 hours, prior to marriage. That seems to have settled down, sadly….
  • My bride has gotten to the point of where she enjoys and does not fear sex but still has no drive on her own. However, we are still limited in our frequency because she has some physical limitations and a bit of a mental block that says “But we just did stuff yesterday.” I am happy to slowly work through these issues together, encouraging her along the way. She actually wants to increase our frequency! God is Good!
  • Our wedding night was our highest count – 3. Twice in the first hour, an hour break for a naked picnic of reception food, then again afterwards. Now, 11 years later, we are pretty much one and done, but it’s a good one. 🙂
  • Our PR is 3 for me and 4 for her within a 12 hour period… those were the good ol’ days!
  • we have 6 kids (ages 3-13) so time for “fun” is limited.
  • Oh those Younger days! Marathon sex sessions are a long gone thing of the past!
  • Sex with my wife is beautiful!
  • 7 in 3 days on honeymoon. That was 9 years ago. Now I hope for 1 a week
  • Need a 0 option on the Last questioned
  • 6 was first married lots of energy.
  • I would like a weekend dedicated to breaking this record.
  • Pity our desire curve doesn’t align with our ability curve as we age…
  • The 6 was our wedding night, and the next night. Now, at 64, one a day, and more often, 1 every other day, is what I can do. The wife, on the other hand, can multiple out the wazoo! Once this past year, she had five in one session.
  • I honestly can’t remember how many times (it’s been at least 10 years since it’s been >once in 24 hrs). I guessed 3 because that seemed on the outer edges of possibities.
  • The 8 was all in one morning – we woke each other about 2am and between then and 11am we made love 7 times. She had just got off her period and we had been teasing ourselves (Touching and kissing) every night (and sometimes during the day! )for the past week. This was of course during our first year of marriage.
  • Yay for one!!
  • Nothing like a getaway to enjoy what was given to you.
  • Question #4 does not have none so I put the closest number to zero due to the fact I live in a sexless marriage
  • 0 was not an option for #4 so I used 1. That’s kind of sad and depressing to think about.
  • Got to be having sex with her in order to climax with her (her choice)!
  • I got all excited when I thought you were going to ask how many time we had sex in 24 hours (ans: five). 2 orgasms in 24 hours sounds much less impressive.
  • not really something we have tried or wanted to do… might mention it to my wife though 🙂
  • The 3 within 24 hours took place in our early 20s. My wife was pregnant with our first child and during those days she took on many of the characteristics of a nymphomaniac (we have often laughed during the 45 years of marriage that I should have taken more advantage of those months). The 1 in 24 hours took place a few weeks ago. It was the first time we had made love in 14 months. My wife has been on hospice for the last 13 months and is physically not able to make love. BTW – someone out there in cyberspace blogs should comment on the difficulties faced by folks in our situation. I might be 67 years old, but I still have sexual needs which my wife is unable to meet. I certainly struggle with it and she is frustrated by it.
  • Married going on 27 years. We’re still 4-6 times/week, and frequently have multiples in a 24-hour period, depending on time of month, schedules, etc. It doesn’t have to diminish!
  • The first 24 hours of our honeymoon was great (thus the 7 times)… but the next day any intercourse stung terribly, and we found she’d gotten a slight tear in her inner labia from the previous day’s interactions. Sooooo, we couldn’t have sex again for another couple of weeks after that until she healed up!
  • Never had sex with my wife more than once in 24 hours… ever.
  • The honeymoon was amazing — God really blessed us!
  • Tough getting old & developing ED. Wonder if I’m reaping the crop of many years of masturbation while wife was gate-keeping.
  • The two climaxes were actually during the same love making session with about a 15 minute recovery between them. This is very unusual for me (a man) but the sensation was spectacular. Don’t know if we’ll ever repeat that.
  • In my late teens and 20’s, I could keep getting an erection and often made love with my new bride on a Saturday spent in bed until I would get the full sensation, but little to no ejaculation would shoot out. The first maybe 5 times, I would be expelling fluid, but after that I would just have the sensation without any fluid. We were young with no kids and really enjoying the discovery as we move from car sex to a whole apartment and no interruptions.
  • That’s all she will allow.
  • Almost sexless marriage now days. More than that was long ago…..
  • Oh, to be young again.
  • Never had the opportunity to try for more than two. Would love to, though!
  • We have sex maybe once every few months now. We use to have sex daily/ more than once a day. Depressing…
  • I would love to have more days with multiple serial encounters. Unfortunately, the precedence has been set for four months of straight abstinence (entirely her choice, forced on me), so until we can get to multiple times a month, multiple times a day is nothing more than a wet Pipedream.
  • To be specific we had sex after midnight and then the next night before midnight, so technically within 24 hours but different “nights”.
  • When we were younger, slimmer, and more flexible, we would have a ‘sexcation’ day where we’d load up on chocolate, milk, and sodas, and spend the entire day in bed. Those days were twenty years and a lot of energy ago, but we can still manage a three-a-day on occasion.
  • I chose an answer that might not have been 100% accurate as my wife and I had pre-maritial sex. During that time there were occassions when we spent most of 24 hours in bed together–only getting out occassionally for some nutrition or to go to the bathroom. Those were the days before the responsibilities of family, job, etc were in place. We often have spent several hours in bed and the best times have been on rainy vacation days when we went without kids. I cherish those times and am hopefully as we are getting ready to celebrate 30 years together and are empty nesters that we take time to make those kind of days again. I don’t expect at my age that I will be able to climax that many times in 24 hours, but certainly think we can do much more than that with regard to her climax count! I am looking forward to trying, anyway.
  • Before a year ago the answer would have been one.
  • It isn’t a contest.
  • I would like to attempt to break this record.
  • My wife and I were virgins on our wedding night. I climaxed 5 times (and she did 3 times) that night. Never that many for me since. We still laugh about it 24 years later.
  • The 5 times record happened in my wedding night. Both married virgins.
  • My wife is a once and done. Rarely, meaning only once every few years is she raring to go for more. She only wants an O once month maybe.
  • I want to climax now thinking about her!!!
  • Wish it could be more but wife doesn’t want to risk soreness.
  • Morning and then in the evening.
  • This was our record and happened only once.
  • That 7 time day was on our honeymoon and remains legendary between us. Sadly, my enthusiasm to try and break the record has never been reciprocated.
  • You need a none option on the last year question for those of us in sexless marriages.
  • All three of those times, both of us climaxed