Ever Been Walk in On?

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Ever been walk in on?

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  • Sixty percent of couples have had someone walk in on them.
  • Children 4-12 are the most common, closely followed by younger children.

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  • The most common lasting effect was to ensure privacy via a lock or empty house.
  • Four percent of women and 3% of men feel inhibited because of being walk in on.
  • More than half the “other” indicated a lock was added to the bedroom door. One man said his wife does not want to have sex unless the kids are in bed or away.

Women’s Answers:

  • We now have a lock on the bedroom door but only for use when we’re having sex. Def helps lower inhibitions with children in the house (even if they’re asleep!)
  • The teenager walked in during the playful prelude with my husband nude. The teenager was “scarred” and my hubby was rather embarrassed but that will teach them to lock the door (hubs) and knock (teen). I laughed but may feel suddenly had I been nude too.
  • Locks on our bedroom doors only. Simple.
  • Had no effect as we didn’t realise he (brother in law) had walked in on us. He told us years later.
  • We have always used the door locks.
  • We keep our door locked at all times when clothes are or might be coming off.
  • My daughter will ask why Mom and Dad are jumping on the bed lol.
  • They didn’t realize what was going on.
  • So far so good….nobody has walked in on us….right in the act…but during kissing yes
  • My husband and I were in the shower together. I had my hands up against the shower wall and we were having intercourse with my husband behind me when a caught a glimpse of our daughter coming into the bathroom. We recovered as quickly and gracefully as possible trying to shield my daughter from my aroused state and my husband’s erection. We had to have a sex talk with our daughter sooner than planned.
  • Thank God no!
  • We have a lock on our bedroom door.
  • It happens; we were covered with blankets so child wasn’t scarred for life. We’re careful to lock doors/use discretion but an oops happened.
  • Our 3 year old walked in and burst into tears. It was so funny!
  • One day when our second child was about 5 months old and both kids were taking a nap at the same time, my hubby and I decided to catch up on some “alone time.” While we were getting busy in the bedroom my parents used their spare key to our house to make a surprise visit. Awkward!!!! Luckily we heard the door open and dressed quickly.
  • Had a young child come to the locked door and had to quickly throw some clothes on to see what they needed. We always lock it.
  • There have been a couple close calls!
  • Pesky doorknob doesn’t always latch! Luckily we’ve been under the covers during those times.
  • I just ushered the child out, put on a video for him, and went back to bed with hubby to finish what we started. We installed a lock soon after.
  • It’s happened several times. When it’s the kids we tell them that mummy and daddy are playing a special grown-up game and to go and play in their room. Once my Mother in Law walked in on us with one of our kids (aged 2) when we were all on holiday as an extended family. I think she was more embarrassed than we were.
  • Was a good laugh
  • We would always close and lock the door when our children were little.

Men’s Answers:

  • Last spring our 5 year old daughter sneaked in to the bedroom while my wife and I were making love. We had no idea until she leaped onto my chest, yelling “SURPRISE!” and laughing. Unfortunately, the launch sequence had already commenced. The most awkward orgasm of my life was with my wife sitting on my lap and my daughter laying on my chest, both laughing hysterically.
  • We learned to make sure the door was all of the way closed when locked.
  • The adult was a cop when we were parking as teens before marriage. Thank God we were only engaged in heavy petting and only partially disrobed – we both still had our pants on, but if he had been 5 minutes later, my bride to be would probably had her pants down or off and been in my lap enjoying the ride. Just a little blessing from God.
  • Our little daughter saw me on my wife (albeit under the covers) and she just giggled “Daddy, what are you doing on Mommy? Hey , come look at Daddy on Mommy!” 🙂
  • No big deal. Our kids know we have sex (a lot) and that it is a natural feature of a close and loving marriage. On the odd occasion when they have walked in on us (but not seen anything as it is easy to quickly chuck the duvet over us when we hear the door opening) we have just used it as an opportunity to reinforce that message.
  • That’s why you lock the door and have sheets ready to cover up quickly. Sure kills the mood though, lol (not for long though 😉
  • Thankfully, no.
  • My wife and I have two toddlers. We haven’t experienced any intrusions yet, but I’m willing to bet we will soon. LOL!
  • A little morning delight at my parents’ house (we had been married years already), my father barely knocked and walked in before we could respond not to enter. My wife was very embarrassed as she was on top at the time.
  • Never happened to us through three kids (always had locks on door). They interrupted knocking on door, but not walked in on. Was never a big deal to me. Wife much more paranoid about it.
  • Not actually sure this counts. Several of our friends, all married couples, were spending New Years at a downtown hotel. After the evening out, we all ended up in hotel room my wife and I had. Around 1:00 AM, everyone headed back to their own rooms. My wife and I were then bringing in the new year with some love making. She was bent over the arm of a chair and I was behind her enjoying her inner warmth and the great view of her backside when, in the reflection of the window in front of me, I saw one of our friends, a woman, standing in the doorway to our room behind me. I guess the door hadn’t shut tight when the last person left. Since we were in the throes of an amazing orgasm, I couldn’t stop. As our orgasms subsided and I gained some semblance of control, I saw our friend gather her purse from the table by the door and discretely leave. I have no idea how long she was watching us and I don’t know if she knew that I saw her. I’ve never mentioned this to my wife or our friend because I don’t want to embarrass any of us. Just a secret I guess.
  • Though we have been walked in on by our young children, it has been more detrimental to our sex life when we have been interrupted by adult relatives trying to have conversations with us (through the door) while we were getting it on.
  • The best one was when we were dating and my mom walked in, we tried to put ourselves together, my mom stood talking to us and when she left we relaized that my wife had her bra around her neck. Priceless.
  • A lock on the door is essential!
  • We lock the door AND barricade it. 6 kids!
  • We’re pretty careful about locked doors. It’s happened on occasion that a child walked in and our adult in-laws have walked in but that just taught them to be more careful just walking in through closed doors when we’re at their house in the future. No permanent harm done, I think.
  • Only happened once that we know of. Another couple and my wife and I were away at a lodge at a state park for a weekend. We had adjoining rooms. After checking in we agreed to meet the other couple for dinner in a couple hours. We closed the door between the rooms but failed to lock it. My wife and I were taking advantage of the free time and the new surroundings. I’m not sure how much they saw — I was giving my wife oral and she was just coming down from an orgasm when she made eye contact with the other couple standing in the doorway to go to dinner. I pulled my head up when she was so startled. We never talked about it again and remain friends to this day.
  • Regret that we didn’t use it as opportunity to teach kids the positive aspects of sex and waiting. The kids all repeated our youthful sins.
  • Fortunately the room was dark, and we were just finishing, so the kid didn’t really see anything.
  • Never stopped
  • We had an old house that did not have a lock on the bedroom door. We thought our three year old was asleep. Well the door swung open and she climbed in bed with us. Needless to say first thing next day I went to the hardware store…..,
  • Kiddos walked in in two different occasions but they didn’t realize the situation given that we were under covers.
  • Door is usually locked. There have several instances where someone knocks though.
  • I was in the Air Force and had been deployed. We were at her aunt’s house when I returned. We thought we were alone so we “made the best of the situation”. My wife’s cousin came home – didn’t know we were there – we were in her room.
  • Locking the door is the easy solution to this.
  • Our daughter was 3, and was getting sick. She didn’t have a clue what we were doing. If she did, it probably would have had a lasting effect on our sex life. (At least for a little while). Always keep the door locked now!
  • We’ve actually had sex in a resort pool with others around and in a lake with others around. Different floaties can help mask and make it happen. Highly erotic! 😉
  • It wasn’t a huge deal. Our oldest walked in (she was 6 or 7, I think). My wife went to talk to her and reassure her about what she had seen, and a couple of minutes later, we were able to finish. We felt we had to make it a teachable moment — to show that sex isn’t anything to be embarrassed about. Also a teachable moment to lock doors…
  • For us, it was a…”hey, our daughter can get out if bed by herself” realization. Just another phase of changes in the bedroom, nothing to worry about.
  • Had young children comment that they heard bed creaking or Mummy making funny noises but never walked in on due to locked bedroom door.
  • We’ve had people knocking on the door of our house, but never actually had someone see us in the act.
  • I checked that we won’t have sex with the door unlocked any longer. This isn’t exactly true, my wife won’t, but I would if she would. She’s very concerned about exposing our children to sex. They know about sex in marriage, and they know that we are passionate about our love to each other, but my wife doesn’t want them to accidentally see us having sex. Honestly, a few times, I’ve been frustrated when we start to get warmed up and then we have to stop and close/lock the door and then try to get back to that moment. That five second interruption (getting up, closing/locking the door, returning to bed) causes difficulty sometimes. I’ve suggested closing/locking the door every time we go to our bedroom, but she wants to be able to hear the kids, so as a result, we don’t have that relaxed comfort in the night or morning of knowing that nobody is going to walk in on us.
  • It happened once, before things got too intense. My wife was pretty startled and is sensitive to that kind of thing, but we normally lock the door so it’s extremely rare for us.
  • Our then 25 year old son made the mistake of walking in on us. He couldn’t bolt out the bedroom door fast enough. It was an embarrassing combination of us forgetting to lock the door and him forgetting to knock.
  • Doors have locks for a reason.
  • Staying at in-laws where door didn’t have a lock. One of the kids came in. We had left the lights off and covers on so not really a big deal.