Does she want lingerie for Christmas?

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Does she want lingerie for Christmas?

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Bottom line first: A majority of women say yes, and 21% who don’t get it want it!

Wives: How do you feel about hubby getting you lingerie for Christmas? (Check all that apply)

Yes! The more the better 34%
Some is nice, along with other gifts 37%
Okay, but isn’t that a gift for him? 16%
No thanks, he can’t get anything that fits or feels comfortable 3%
A gift certificate so I could get what I like would be great 15%
What he buys makes me feel like porn 1.0%
It makes me feel like a thing not a person 7%
I don’t like sexy under-things 2%
I buy it and wear it for him 13%
I wish he would, but he does not 21%

Historically has he bought you lingerie for Christmas?

Never 58%
Once 20%
Several times 17%
Every year 4%


  • Two women who said they do not exchange gifts for Christmas said they do like to receive lingerie anytime.
  • One woman would also like a nice dress “to put over it”.
  • Several women said they shop for lingerie with their husband, and another would like to.
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