Acts and Pleasure – Men

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Acts and Pleasure – Men

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  • Intercourse was the most highly rated – if it was his favourite position.
  • In his least favourite positon which the couple uses, intercourse rated 30% lower.
  • Self-stimulation was the lowest rated activity, and
  • Two of the higher rated activates (anal and deep throat) are less common – see below


  • The chart above shows the same information the first chart, in a different way.
  • The purple lines are those who do not engage each act.
  • The deep red lines are those who rated an act as an 8, the highest.


  • The orange lines are those not doing a particular act.
  • Intercourse in his favourite position was the most frequent sex act, followed by masturbation:

Sex Act

Avg per month

Intercourse – In your favourite position you and your wife use.


Masturbation – your hand


Oral Sex (not deep throat)


Intercourse – In your LEAST favourite position you and your wife use.


Manual – her hand



  • During intercourse we switch between multiple positions, usually at least 2-3. I thoroughly enjoy boob jobs, but that has one happened 2x ever, mostly because she keeps getting pregnant, lol. But we now done with that for good!
  • Oral sex would be great… if she’d actually do it.
  • Doggy and standing from behind are my favorite positions. The angle really stimulates my penis like no other positions do. She also has a great butt, and I really enjoy the visual stimulation when we do it from behind. But these are her least favorite positions. We’ve done doggy once in three years and we have done standing from behind once in about 10 years. Her favorites are missionary and woman on top, and she feels put out if I ask for anything else, so I have stopped asking.
  • She loathes everything sexual and is disgusted by all things considered carnal.
  • My wife works hard to take care of me and has recently had huge improvements in the technique she uses for manual and oral (non deep throat). As her abilities and willingness grow I’m hoping that she will be able to deep throat as that has been the most physically enjoyable for me in past relationships. If she is never able to do this I’m fine with that. I realize she is a different person than my ex and we all have our own limitations. I would list different enjoyment levels if this were to take into account the mental aspect of sex. Anal would move up to an 8 (tying deep throat oral as my highest) and non deep throat would move up to 7 (tying favorite intercourse position for second highest). Also, any form of masturbation by my self would drop to a 1.
  • We haven’t had sex in so long I really don’t even know what would feel “the best”. I’m just lucky when I do get it, so I don’t complain or ask for anything special.
  • There is no such thing as a bad orgasm. Some are just better than others. Position really does make a difference. Doggy style is my favorite for the best feeling orgasms. But she prefers to lay on her side and have me enter from behind – a modified doggy-style (for lazy/sleepy partners.
  • I love oral sex and we do that almost every day, but at 70 years old for some reasoned I am unable to reach climax this way. My wife is 15 years my junior and she has mastered this but I can’t climax. She has been practicing to deep throat for a year and is getting there, but I still don’t think I’ll be able to reach climax. Maybe because I don’t want sex to end with oral.
  • Even the LEAST is pretty darn good. We have never done anal or deep throat.
  • I’m not going to complain much if/when we engage any any intimate actions! You take what you can get and don’t pitch a fit!
  • Missionary is the default position for us. She doesn’t understand why I enjoy the other positions. Scissors would be the second default position, when she doesn’t like to be touched. (skin and breast sensitivity) Favorite position would be rear entry.
  • In the last year of our 60’s, we usually lay side by side and pleasure ourselves after extended foreplay. 2x/wk :~) :~) for me, 1x :~) for her – with her favorite toy!
  • Oral always takes the cake. It has been some years since it was performed to completion (due to a sudden aversion to semen on her part), but nothing made me feel more wanted or accepted than full oral. Obviously, the emotional aspect of the act greatly enhances the physical pleasure received, hence “manual stimulation – her hand” gets a 6 and “masturbation”gets a 2.
  • We have intercourse the vast majority of the time in a position that is comfortable and pleasing to both of us. It’s not the “favorite” for me as far as most pleasing or most powerful orgasm but if she’s happy, I’m happy.
  • Rimjob beats them all (though not till orgasm)
  • Hard to define favorite/least favorite. Missionary is our go-to position, and it’s great. Other positions are fun for the sake of variety, but we’re generally wrapped up in the act such that we don’t bother. So I considered missionary to be my “favorite” and assorted less successful positions to be my “least favorite”.
  • I would have included breasts & feet as individual options separate from “some part of her body” but that’s just my preferences.
  • I enjoy most forms, but fibromyalgia has limited my wife’s interest in sex to a few times a year, it’s just not important to her. but she says she enjoys sex and pretty much always climaxes at least once.
  • I used “least favorite position” as basically, all positions other than my favorite position, not sure if this is right.
  • My wife is hot, and I love making love to her!!
  • For question 3, the time period was too small. In a year or by percentage would have been better.
  • In the past, when I was younger, I struggled with premature ejaculation. Now that I am older, and after years of gatekeeping (which followed her infidelities), I can barely orgasm at all.
  • Being in our 50’s, married 20 years and just now trying anal has been exciting new experience for us!
  • Hard to take this survey with a near-sexless marriage.
  • My wife is slowly being set free from sexual issues. The frequency is beginning to pick up. While the variety has yet to begin expanding, I know it is only a matter of time and prayer.
  • I wish my wife would tolerate a little more variety in sex.
  • I have a strong desire for oral sex but my wife is not comfortable with it.
  • When she is doing oral in me, I can only come if I also add some of my own hand motion
  • Intercourse with turned on spouse is unbeatable. Solo masturbation can be intensely pleasurable, at times, but not as ultimately satisfying. I love her to give me a hand job but she has trouble getting it right although I try not to show it and don’t want to discourage her. She grips tightly on way up, but not so much on way down, and sometimes it hurts. Would love for her to try oral sex (even just for a minute or so) on me, but she never has in 20 years of marriage. I love oral on her. I was taught as kid that masturbation is a serious sin before God and so had a lot of guilt when I’d give in, and go through cycles of not doing it and then binging with guilt. At age 51, I have decided that it’s not the venal sin I was taught as kid. But still would prefer doing anything sexual with my wife and not by myself.
  • It’s depressing to see that my own masturbation–at only 3-5 per month–is the most frequent on this list. It could be much higher than 3-5, but I hold out in hopes that DW will feel up to it (she has medical issues). Anything on this list can–and usually does–feel incredible. She does not like anal, and “rubbing against some part of her body” sounds like something teenagers do. I suppose it’s happened for us, but not enough times for me to even give an informed answer. Never tried a sleeve or other male sex toy, so no comment there. You should do a survey combining Pleasure and Frequency. I wonder if those who get it as often as they want are more discerning on the topic of Pleasure, while those who are sexually starved are so desperate that anything feels like an 8.
  • My wife has had a long term illness. The last 10 years have been tough on our physical relationship. Intercourse is often months in between. She helps with manual when she can. Learning to walk in God’s grace, wisdom, and sufficiency (gradually). In this area of our lives.
  • This is what six years of marriage (and poor / bad premarital counseling) has resulted in. I don’t have much hope for the relationship lasting
  • Unfortunately most of our marriage has been sexless
  • Missionary is my least favorite position but not because it is not very enjoyable, but simply because I enjoy variety. Rear entry is my most favorite, but because of episiotomies, it is not real comfortable to my wife so we rarely engage.
  • I get the most pleasure when two things happen at the same time; the first is when my wife is touching me all over and not just lingering contact here or there, but rubbing me, stroking me and doing it constantly. The second is her talking to me while she does it, or when it’s my turn to climax. How much she likes how I feel, or how much she enjoys giving me pleasure, how good I feel to her.
  • We have oral as part of our lovemaking practically every time and in the last year she has become very adept at performing deep throat. We have only recently had anal as she always told me to not touch her there. However, in the last 6-9 months she became open to some anal play and loves when I rim her and insert a finger while performing oral. She is open to continuing to try anal sex, I just hope I can not finish too quickly.
  • Never receive oral; doubt she ever will perform. Have to beg and plead to perform oral on her she thinks it’s dirty and won’t kiss me afterwards on the rare, rare occasions when she permits it. Woman on Top is the go-to favorite. Treats a hand job as if I’ve asked for her to rob a bank. Rubbing against her body feels wrong when I know she’s getting nothing out of it.
  • Oral is the best!
  • I’m not really that picky when it comes to intercourse, pretty much any position will get me there, so whatever makes her the most comfortable. I do wish oral sex was on the agenda more often but my wife struggles with it but tries at least once a month.
  • While oral sex is pleasurable, there is a strong emotional / psychological aspect to it. There is something especially intimate about it, both giving and receiving. At least that is how I feel about it.
  • We enjoy a lot of these activities, but few of them will cause me to orgasm, at least on their own.
  • Vagina sex almost non existent right now due to wife health issues, temporary, thus increased masturbation
  • I’m married. And I’m 25 years old. But I can’t have sex with My Wife because We can’t get together. Our family didn’t accept us still now socially. So We’re waiting for each other. Because We Love each other Truly.
  • We don’t often do hand jobs to climax but when we do it’s very nice to finish this way. I certainly take delight in knowing that my wife is solely focused on my pleasure. Hand jobs are a regular part of foreplay before intercourse and do contribute to stronger orgasms for me, especially when she brings me to the edge repeatedly and them pauses just before I finish. My wife is very good at know when to slow down but sometimes I need to tell her that I’ll climax in her hand if she doesn’t take a break. When I do finally enter her, we always shoot to climax together. Of course, when that happens it’s heaven. Feeling her contracting vagina on me after a half hour of her manual stimulation brings me to explosive orgasms of many (5 or 6) strong pulsating ejaculations. I recently woke up to a bloody lip realizing that I bit it during orgasm. Wow!
  • was a virgin when I married my wife. She on the other hand was not a virgin. Sometimes I wonder if the feeling or sometimes lack of feeling in certain positions is due to her pre-marital experiences when she was promiscuous.
  • It’s been awhile. Oral sex is the most pleasurable. Then anal sex. Then vaginal sex.
  • I think all sex is good as long as you and your spouse don’t cross the boundaries you have in place.
  • Intercourse, Manual or
  • This doesn’t account for missionary, which is our normal position–neither favorite nor least favorite.
  • It’s sex with my incredible wife. Even the bad stuff is awesome.
  • My ability to climax depends on what she does.
  • We don’t feel the need for all that variety. Some of the stuff you listed is gross and unnatural, people who do it probably learnt it from porn.
  • Sex ALWAYS is good for me no matter how I get there.
  • I only wish my wife could deep throat me. Hasn’t happened save for one time. Other than that, any sex feels great, and even if she can’t deep throat me I love how she makes me feel!!
  • I super enjoy her giving me manual with her rubbing or inserting finger or toy anal for prostate stimulation. Do a survey on males who enjoy prostate or anal play with their wives.
  • Sexless marriage for 3 years
  • She has medical issues that limit our physical intercourse to no more than once a week. She does other things with/for me in between those times.