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Our guest authors have been invited to write articles for this site. There is no compensation for articles, though we are happy to include information links and mention books or products (if we are impressed enough to ask someone to write an article, we have probably already mentioned any website or product they have). Similarly, this ministry does not receive anything in exchange for publishing a guest author’s article.

Having a guest article on the site does not mean the author agrees with everything written here by Paul and Lori or other guest authors. Neither should an article be seen as a personal or professional endorsement of this ministry. In a similar fashion, the Marriage Bed may not fully agree with every point made by a guest author. As far as we know, all of our guest authors are in agreement with our statement of faith.

In the essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things love!

Nancy C. Anderson
     Can a Christian Marriage Survive an Affair? An infidelity-to-fulfilling-marriage story.

Ruth Buezis
     Breaking the Silence – We need to speak out about God’s plan for sex.

Bonny Logsdon Burns
     Why Sex? – a view into her science-based search and ah-ha moment about the male sex drive.

Dale Kaufman
     Is Masturbation a Sin? – for teens and their parents

Scott Means
     Headship – how strength and goodness help husbands follow Christ’s example.
     Submission – how strength and submission makes you a powerful partner.

J Parker
     Do You Think About Sex Too Much? – Are you sexually starved, saturated, or satisfied?

Julie Siebert
     Sex in the Real World – how to have great sex in this messy, messy life.

Chris Taylor
     Oral Blessings – learning to do oral sex on him

Several happy gals
     50 Confessions from Wives Who Enjoy Sex

First Name / Anonymous Authors
     Christian Nudism
     Especiallly for Newlyweds by Mark & Teri
     Keeping Sexually Pure by Tom & Catherine
     A Pastor’s Thoughts on Masturbation
     Pregnancy and Postpartum by Elise


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