Eva Hands-Free Vibe

Eva II hands-free vibe

The same day Covenant Spice asked what sex toy we would like to test drive, we got a question from a couple looking for a vibrator to use during rear-entry intercourse. So, we requested something appropriate and the Eva II vibrator.

Paul: I saw the Eva when it was undergoing crowdfunding, but I was not aware it was out on the market. I wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised.

Lori: The “legs” on Eva, which flex, hold the vibe in place by fitting inside the outer lips of the vulva. How well it holds will likely vary with how each woman is built.

Eva seemed to transmit more vibration to me than when we use an egg vibe of the same strength. The highest of the three speeds may well shorten how long a man lasts, the low and medium probably will not. The built-in rechargeable battery runs for an hour on high speed, longer on lower speeds.

We found the vibe stayed in place well in a number of different positions. Other reviews have said they needed a hand to hold it in place for rear-entry. I suspect this is based on differences in anatomy, position, and how active the sex is. Regardless, it will likely need less help to keep in place, such as the pressure of one finger rather than holding in place by hand.

We did find it challenging to change speed with the vibe in place. Some of this is learning curve, but the switch was a little difficult to use even though I knew where it is and how to press it.

Speed changes should not require withdrawal of the penis, but you will have to stop thrusting and possibly shift position some. It would be great if a future version included a remote control. It would be worth the extra cost.

who should buy Eva II?

If you want a vibe for face to face sex and don’t change positions during sex, you can do better with an egg vibe – it will cost less and give you easier control and possibly some vibration patterns. If you engage in non-face to face positions, including rear-entry or tend to use more than one position during a single act of sex, this is the vibe you want.

At just over $100 Eva is not an impulse buy, but you can spend far more for far less in high-quality sex toys.

The Eva II Vibe is available from Covenant Spice and Amazon.

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Eva II vibe next to quarter © Paul Byerly