Is Oral Really Sex?

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Paul H. Byerly

hands over mouth © Grauvision | Dreamstime.comThere is absolutely nothing in the Bible which suggests that oral sex is wrong. In fact, many experts on the Song of Songs are convinced that it contains descriptions of oral sex on both the bride and the bridegroom.

While oral sex is not sinful for a married couple, it is a form of sex, and as such is wrong for two people who are not married to each other. Many today believe that things like oral and manual sex are not “real sex”; that only intercourse is real sex. We suspect these same folks would have a very different idea if they were married and found out that their husband or wife were engaging in oral sex with someone else!

Sex has some very unique and powerful effects on our bodies and minds, and things like oral and manual sex produce the majority of the effects intercourse does. Sexual contact with someone releases a number of chemicals into our bodies, and these chemicals effect our minds. Having any kind of sex with someone causes our bodies to be flooded with hormones that result in an emotional bond with our partner. This effect, which is beyond our control, clouds our ability to see the other person clearly, and can result in us making bad decisions about our relationship. Couples who engage in sex before marriage are less likely to see what should be obvious problems in the relationship, resulting in a far greater risk of a bad marriage choice.

God, who created our sexuality, gives us limits on our sexuality. God does not prohibit oral sex and other sexual acts between unmarried couples to limit their fun. Rather such acts are prohibited because God knows that they open us up to a lot of pain, and can result in us making very bad decisions.

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