Donation FAQ

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The Marriage Bed, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Washington. It is a division of the American Evangelistic Association, Inc. a 501(c)3 organization (we are tax-exempt under their umbrella).

Q. Does TMB have tax-exempt status?

A. Yes. Donations given to The Marriage Bed are tax deductible on US tax returns. Our 501(c)(3) status is registered with GuideStar.

Q. You say you are a no-debt ministry?

A. We carry no debt, growing as funds allow.

Q. Who supports you?

A. Currently, we receive donations from individuals and churches. We also receive the occasional grant. We are delighted to see donations come in from around the world.

Q. Is there anyone checking up on the finances of TMB?

A. Our board of directors receives quarterly reports, we file a 990 with the IRS, and send a yearly report to the AEA.

Q. Do you take debit/credit card donations?

A. Yes, through Paypal.

Q. Do you use any third party fund-raising organizations.

A. Not at this time.

Q. Are Paul and Lori on salary?

A. Paul and Lori raise their own support, separate from the general budget.

Q. Does TMB have any employees?

A. All website work, accounting, and secretarial work are done by Paul and Lori (we would like to hire out some of these services in the future). The Q&A forum is moderated by a group of volunteers under the direction of a long time board member who receives an honorarium for his many hours of work. We used a CPA and legal service to oversee the incorporation and financial setup.


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