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copyright © Stuart Miles | freedigitalphotos.netUnless otherwise noted, all web site design, text, graphics, layout and content contained in this web site are the sole property of The Marriage Bed, Inc. (TMB).

Articles may be reproduced in their entirety for one-on-one or couple-to-couple sharing for the purpose of ministry. Articles may not be edited in any way and must contain the copyright notice and URL of The Marriage Bed, Inc. ministries. If you have a doctrinal difference or other concern with a part of an article, please make note of this before or after the complete article, or use footnotes to explain where you differ with us.

Permission is granted for the electronic display of articles by search engines. Permission granted to make short quotations (a few sentences up to a couple of paragraphs) in news articles, books, newsgroups, e-lists and chat rooms. The author and source of each quotation must be properly noted. Written permission must be obtained for reproduction in books, magazines, flyers, etc., for posting web content on another web site, or for any commercial use – contact us.

Please do not reproduce or copy any of our graphics on web sites or in print. All rights are reserved.

All posts on the TMB message boards are copyrighted by The Marriage Bed, Inc. and by the original author of the post – see copyright for the message boards. Permission is granted for the electronic display of posts by search engines

Framing or mirroring of the Marriage Bed site is expressly prohibited.

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