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Usage and Copyright for TMB Message Boards

copyright © Stuart Miles | freedigitalphotos.net

All posts on the Marriage Bed message boards are copyrighted by The Marriage Bed, Inc. (TMB) and by the original author of the post. Permission is granted for the electronic display of posts by search engines. Third parties may quote short passages in electronic form provided that a link to the original post is given, and provided that the identity of the author is concealed.

Printing of posts not written by Paul and Lori Byerly (Paul B and Lori B) is expressly prohibited without the permission of the original author. Posts by Paul and Lori Byerly are covered by the TMB website copyright. A limited exception to the printing prohibition is granted to members of the boards solely for one-on-one or couple-to-couple sharing for the purpose of ministry.

TMB retains the right to make use of all material on the boards, with the understanding that any electronic, printed, or verbal use will be done in such a way as to ensure the full privacy of the original author.

Framing, mirroring, or deep linking of the Marriage Bed message boards is expressly prohibited.

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