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the marriage covenant

Marriage is a life-long covenant relationship, not a contractual relationship. Let’s do marriage God’s way.


Guest author Scott Means shares his perspectives on biblical headship. Husbands can be strong and good, following Christ’s example.


Guest author Scott Means shares the flip side of the coin of biblical marriage. Wives can be whole people, both strong and submissive.

a virtuous cycle

Little acts of kindness and generosity can change the atmosphere of your home and build intimacy in your marriage relationship.


sexual responsibility
a look at 1 Corinthians

When we marry we are charged to take care of our spouse’s sexual needs. This is true for husbands and wives.

sexual stewardship

You have both authority and responsibility when it comes to your spouse’s sexuality. Take good care of their sexual needs & wants for a great sex life.

what’s okay, what’s not?

How do you know what sexual acts are okay or not? Scriptural principles can help you decide what’s good for your marriage playground.

biblical perspectives
on challenging subjects


Divorce is a serious problem in the church today. What can we do to understand biblical perspectives and encourage healing and restoration?

domestic discipline

Domestic Discipline is touted as a biblical expression of authority and submission in the marriage relationship. Where is the biblical support?

christian nudism

Is nudism wrong or hurtful? Our guest author says yes, but not for the reasons you might guess.


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