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This ministry came into being in December of 1997 as an AOL homepage called “Godly Intimacy In Marriage.”

Our original goal was to offer thoughts, teachings, and information on a range of marriage topics, including sex. We began with a section on sexual biology (because we received so many questions about this) and saw many problems were rooted in a lack of understanding of how our bodies work. But the biology section didn’t slow the sex-related questions, it increased them!

There was, and still is today, a hunger for information about sex which is biblically sound and scientifically accurate.

By late 1998 we realized the ministry was and would continue to be, first and foremost about sex. In recognition of this, we became The Marriage Bed. In September of 1999, we started The Marriage Bed interactive e-mail list, fulfilling our several year desire to offer a safe place for married Christians to discuss sex.

As we grew we moved from a “spare time, spare change” ministry (that took over our walk-in closet) to a non-profit corporation (early 2002). We formed a board of directors and filed several pounds of paperwork with all kinds of folks. We became a division of the AEA (American Evangelistic Association Inc.), providing us with financial accountability, making donations to The Marriage Bed tax-deductible. We were also both ordained at that time. TMB began to collect donations to cover website and ministry costs.

The board of directors governs the ministry, and we answer to the board. The board members are:

President – Mindi Harless
Vice President – Paul Byerly
Secretary/Treasurer – Lori Byerly
Director – Rev. Dale Kaufman
Director – Rev. Eric Harless
Director – Rory Sinclair
Director – Diana Sinclair

In addition to the board, we have an oversight group which makes policy for, keeps an eye on, and handles all disputes on the q&a message forum.

In 2007 we began collecting support for ourselves so we could move into full-time ministry.

TMB continues to offer articles, a forum for discussion, surveys, and links to other great resources.


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