About Our Reviews

about our reviews

We don’t do paid reviews, meaning we receive no money for any review. Some items are provided by the seller for us to try – this will be indicated in the review. Many links on this site are affiliate links and this will apply to some reviewed items.

Some companies ask for a veto right of a review, meaning if they don’t find it positive they will ask us not to publish. We will not accept a test product if the company wants to suggest edits to what we write.

Our aim when we review a product is to think about how it will be most commonly used. It’s less about how we like a product and more about how useful we think it will be for others. That said our personal preferences will certainly impact what we think and write.

If you’re interested in contacting us about doing a review, contact us here. Please note we only link to sites that don’t show nudity and don’t show lingerie on live models.


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