Sex While Visiting Home?

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Sex While Visiting Home?

110 Women and 223 men have answered
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  • While men were more likely to say “Sure, why not” (77% to 64%) the gender differences on this survey were rather small.
  • Women were more than twice as likely to say they were not comfortable, 12% and 5%, and men were far more three times as likely to say their wife was not comfortable, 30% versus 9%.
  • Being heard (15% of women and 9% of men) was a bigger concern than leaving a mess (5% of women and 3% of men.)
  • For women age affected willingness and comfort about sex at a parents home. Women under 25 were most unwilling. Willingness increased for the next two age groups, then fell again for the oldest two groups.
  • For men age had little effect.

Women’s Comments:

  • Yes, if late at night when everyone else is in bed. We also try to be very quiet and of course lock the door.
  • It’s not ideal, but we often make it work.
  • We got pregnant while visiting my family .
  • I’m a heavy “squirter” and my in laws are very much neat freaks! If it weren’t for my serious gushing I’d have no problem at all with it!
  • Yes in bathroom with a lock and in the room we sleep in when we know everyone is asleep. My spouse is not 100% comfortable with it, but I’m convincing 😉
  • When visiting family, often we don’t have a good sleeping arrangement for optimal love-making, i.e. kids in the room with us, no door, etc. but we still try to get some in whether we go to the bathroom or find another time of day to get alone.
  • Yes at my in-laws. No at my parents
  • I don’t like the idea but my husband loves the idea
  • We’ve mastered the art of quiet sex for situations like this! 😉
  • My parents we are comfortable, His parents it’s a no go area.
  • Yes!! It’s so much fun to do it sneaky!!

Men’s Comments

  • I’m sure my parents aren’t naive enough to think that sex and isn’t a weekly necessity of our 15 year marriage. We plan ahead and of course discreet.
  • Any time any where
  • Beds creak and shift too much for intercourse. Other things are possible though. Haven’t tried in a while but plan to put it back on the agenda in a few weeks.
  • Yes, if everyone else is asleep already.
  • My wife is hesitant because of the chance of being heard. Otherwise, she’s good with it also – to the extent she is comfortable with sex – which she is a bit inhibited about anyway.
  • We never had premarital sex, so sex in her childhood home in her bed is an absolute turn on. We both love it. We can be quiet, just like we would have been had we partaken while we were dating. Wow such a rush!
  • We lived with in-laws as newlyweds, so sex at their house is a non-issue
  • We only do this once our kids are all in bed and asleep when visiting the in-laws or my parents. Especially with my in-laws, we really can’t trust them to watch the kids without a negative interaction, so one of us is with the kids and them at all times. However, neither of us has problems having sex once the kids are all in bed.
  • Spouse tends to be less comfortable in my parents’ house, for me all is fine, so long as the door has a lock
  • After everyone is asleep, at an inconspicuous time, or whenever there is a free minute
  • Totally thrilling to have to be secretive about it. We all know it is happening… The elephant in the room?
  • As long as there is a bed and a lock, as good a place as any other.
  • No problem. 😉
  • Was caught in my mother’s hot tub with my wife late at night – has made her somewhat shy about it.
  • In their bed is the best! Extra sneaky and risqué that way.
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