Sex Acts and Pleasure (Women)

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Sex Acts and Pleasure (Women)

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  • Intercourse in her favourite position was ranked highest, while in her least favourite position it was ranked lowest.
  • Oral was second, but his hand and him using a toy were very close.


  • The orange lines are women who do not engage in the listed sex act in an average month.
  • 59% do not do anal sex.
  • 42% do not have him using a toy on them
  • 40% do not masturbate with a toy
  • 34% do not masturbate by hand

Average Frequency of Various Acts

Sex Act

Ave Per Month

Intercourse – In your favourite position you and your husband use.


Manual – his hand


Masturbation – with a toy


Him using a toy on you


Anal Sex


Oral Sex (receiving)


Masturbation – your hand


Rubbing your vulva against some part of his body


Intercourse – In your LEAST favourite position you and your husband use.


  • This chart is skewed by some high numbers in the “more than 21 times a month” category. For example, while 59% of women do not engage in anal sex, 18% said they do it more than 21 times a month. Use of a toy, by him or her, also had high numbers for both zero times a month and more than 21 times a month.


  • Health issues for him cause problems!
  • Married 21 years…
  • My husband is not curious about what things feel good to me. The things that feel good are repulsive to him (Giving oral sex, use of toys, anal play) it brings a lot of shame to me in our sex life. I really would just like him to try, to be interested in what I’m experiencing.
  • Some of the options sound like practices only overly needy / sex-obsessed people would do.
  • I receive the most enjoyment on the build up. When he talks to me during the day and gives me something to look forward to. When he comes up from behind me, while I am doing a chore, and squeezes my breast or butt, all of that build up, then it barley takes anything, just some rubbing, or tweaking on my nipples and I am there. That is the best!
  • We’ve gotten older and more open, our foreplay and love making lasts a long time. So almost every time we make love we do ALL these things. So if we are using my least fav position, we are also very likely using my fav, too. It’s always a win/win! Very blessed but it’s not always been this way.
  • Lately do to relational problems when I climax, I just feel dirty and intense pain. We still have sex because I think it is important.
  • Why the requirement that the acts specified in question 2 be used to climax? A lot of physical pleasure comes from acts that don’t necessarily lead to climax. Sexual pleasure is about the overall experience, not just the “happy ending”.
  • Due to the ease of MY system to contract UTI’s, I have my husband refrain from performing oral sex on me. In the past, it ALWAYS brought me to climax (with the sense of his hands touching me also – sexual or non sexual touch). I LOVE it & he is awesome at it but due to that reason, we refrain.
  • We are working on manual with his hand. At the moment he is frustrated that he can’t get me to orgasm that way.
  • Have recently added analingus. Loving it!
  • I like the sensations I have while receiving oral sex, but feel guilty, it seems wrong, its dirty… My husband loves giving to me and I usually orgasm this way but still struggle to allow him to do it. 🙁
  • Married three years, and we are still learning what will make me climax. It hasn’t been easy, but we are happy to keep studying. 🙂 My husband always makes sure I climax, but our fall back right now is manual stimulation, his hand and mine.
  • I cannot climax during intercourse
  • I feel that I am extremely open sexually with my husband. It is a second marriage for both of us and I was a pretty selfish and frigid wife with my first husband. There hadn’t been a single thing I’ve not been open to with him. I’ve done things with him I’ve never done before and I absolutely enjoy it. I am overweight and a big insecure though, but am trying to get over that. It does bother me that, while I do oral sex to him quite often (again, a thing I have never done before) he will not return the favor. He had told me a few times that I smell bad and I have never noticed it, except one time after I had a miscarriage and I had a bad infection. It’s quite frustrating to me that I do all of the different things for him and he will not even try that on me. Not even if I go to bed right after a shower, which I do 95% of the time. Other than that, I have to say I couldn’t be happier with our sex life and things we do.
  • My husband is a generous lover but I would love more variety in our sex life and wish he were more comfortable talking about sex.
  • He doesn’t like to give me manual or oral, so it is a very rare occurrence, but my favorite.
  • We don’t have sex very often which is why masturbation is mentioned more frequent. The curse of the high drive wife.
  • In this case, to me, masturbation was my touching myself during foreplay or sex with my husband, not alone. I don’t masturbate alone.
  • No toys an NO anal! Ew!
  • Most of our sexual encounters are oral for him or a quickie for both of us (which isn’t my ‘least’ favorite). The pleasure I receive depends on many things, especially if he is being patient with me and not rushing it! It takes me a looong time when I’m starting out cold, 0%.
  • We’ve only had anal sex once….my ex-husband raped me that way so every time we try I remember the rape and tense up so it hurts more. I’m working on getting past the rapes from the ex-husband but it is really hard sometimes.
  • I love receiving oral, but my husband won’t do it. He feels it is against the Bible.
  • I love sex with my husband so any way I can get it is pleasure for me #sexcrazedchristian
  • This was a hard survey to answer. My physical pleasure is so related to my emotional connection at the time. The survey asks me to disaggregate a fully integrated experience.
  • I don’t climax easily so we always pull out my vibe after sex if I want to finish and my husband helps me get there.
  • Note when I say masturbation, it during sex and not alone. I only masturbate with my husband and it’s mostly for his visual pleasure.
  • Sexless marriage
  • While I climax more often from receiving oral, I always love intercourse more…if we don’t end with that, I don’t feel as connected to my husband. I’d rather not climax every time and have intercourse, than just receive oral. The emotional and spiritual connection means more to me than just the physical pleasure.
  • I wish sexual pleasure was … Well … Pleasurable with my husband but I truly believe it’s all me and my weight issues. As I’m losing little by little I can tell how differently I think about myself. So we’ll see how all this changes in the next few months as I lose more… And see how my answers might be different then.
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