Orgasm Without Genital Stimulation

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Orgasm without genital stimulation

229 Women and 309 Men have answered
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Up front notes:

  • A number of men and women added orgasm during sleep. We have a separate survey on this.
  • Initially prostate stimulation was not included as the prostate is part of the male genitals. However that is a biology geek thing. Once a couple of men added it as other, we put it on the survey. It was listed when most (about 80%) of the men took the survey. Additionally, most of the male “anal play” responses are likely prostate stimulation
  • The number of men who have climaxed without genital situation was surprisingly high. In the comments a couple said it only happened once. It would have been good to ask how often such climaxes occurred.
  • Some unintended genital stimulation can occur because of contact between the genitals and the partner or an object. This is especially true for men, as pressure of the erect penis against anything will give some stimulation.


  • 60% of women and 65% of men have never had climaxed without stimulation of the genitals.
  • For women breast/nipple play was the most common – with 22% having had a climax this way. Orgasm by thoughts has happened for 18%, and 14% have had a climax while preforming oral sex on their husband.
  • For men the most common was while preforming oral sex on their wife. Twelve percent of men have had a climax from thoughts alone.
  • Of the women who have had a no genital stimulation orgasm, 61% had done so in more than one way, and 42% by more than two. Twelve percent have climaxed from six to ten of the ways listed.
  • For women other reasons were lower back rubs, watching porn, and highway rumble strips.
  • For men other reasons were being tickled, and holding the bladder a long time.

Women’s Comments:

  • Come close with Brest stimulation but not quite there
  • Nope. I need clitoral stimulation.
  • I often wish I could orgasm without genital stimulation. I can have multiple orgasms with intercourse, but nothing else ever seems to work. It’s very frustrating as I want to be more excited by my husband’s touch. Thankfully, DH is a wonderful and patient man and together we are working on it.
  • The only way I can climax without clitoral stimulation is if my husband stimulates my g-spot giving me a “squirting” orgasm. Different kind of orgasm but no less intense or pleasurable.
  • Orgasm might happen if sex has not taken place in months
  • I have never been able to climax without clitoral stimulation.
  • I’ve had a few orgasms in my life solely from nipple stimulation, but it’s always only from one nipple in particular. I’ve also had orgasms from dreams.
  • Nope! Genital stimulation is the only way to climax
  • I’m pretty sure that have climaxed while I was dreaming.
  • I take it this mean no clitoral or penis touching. Not many do climax or let it go with other parts of the body. Foreplay plays a huge role.
  • There have been a few times when I have been asleep and awoke in the middle of an orgasm. But If I am awake, I need direct clitoral stimulation.
  • I’ll never understand it, but I rarely orgasm with my husband of 20 years. It has always been that way. Too much work/stressful trying to “get me there”. So what I don’t understand is I orgasm frequently in my sleep!!! With no stimulation of any kind whatsoever. Sometimes it wakes me up, sometimes I realize it’s happening and just stay in that in between sleep and awake state and enjoy. Sometimes I wonder if my husband has ever heard me make any noises!?!?!
  • Every now and then I’ll wake up from a sexual dream and I’m pretty sure the climax was real based on how real it felt in the dream.
  • Never climaxed without stimulation
  • When I was younger I had wet dreams and woke up to the orgasm.
  • I wish it was that easy..
  • I have never been able to climax without genital stimulation and have trouble with that sometimes.
  • It’s happened to me three times. I wish I could do it on purpose.
  • I have never climaxed without genital stimulation
  • I checked none because I have gotten pretty close from open mouth kissing but if I did go all the way it was a very weak one and nothing to talk about lol.

Men’s Comments:

  • no.
  • Why bother?
  • Have gotten extremely close with some of those things to the point where it only takes the slightest touch.
  • When it has happened, and it’s only been a handful of times, it’s been because I’m pleasuring her in a way I’ve always fantasized about and this is a rare time she’s letting me do it to her. Typically, it’s oral on her or with a dildo or vibrator.
  • this must done standing up. Orgasm is usually with out ejaculation however a couple of times there has been a little bit. For the survey I have been able to give my wife orgasm with out genital stimulation.
  • Have climaxed watching a movie that had a soft-core porn scene. Was with a group of friends, and was sort of embarrassing hoping nobody noticed my reactions or the wet spot on my jeans.
  • Thoughts include wet dreams. Open mouth kissing was with heavy petting during first few times with spouse.
  • Except for a wet dream all of my orgasms require stimulation…. After a couple days of no release however it seems to happen on it’s own.
  • Always prefer some type of genital stimulation.
  • Wet dream
  • Mostly while giving my wife oral. What a turn on!
  • Only a wet dream once in my teens…no idea if I was stimulating myself in my sleep or not!
  • For me personally, I don’t think I could climax from any one of those things in the list individually.

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