Is Sex Better with Age?

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Is Sex Better with Age?

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  • The longer a couple was married, the lower they tended to rank the sex from their earlier years of marriage. Given that people tend to recall the good over the bad, this is not the expected pattern. Perhaps their later experience has caused them to revaluate how good sex can be.
  • The chart shows a rise, but the raw numbers show something additional. The most commonly chosen answer for each set of years was as follows:

First nine years


Years 10-14


Years 15-19


Years 20-24


Years 25-29


Years 30-34


35 years and beyond



  • Regardless of age, about half felt the last five years was the best sex of their marriage.
  • Again the raw numbers show more:

Years married

less than 10






35 or more

% saying last 5 years the best








Kids have an impact. Those with no kids at home were most likely to rate the last five years as the best sex of their marriage. Those with only adult kids were next most likely, followed by those with teens. This held true when looking at couples married the same length of time.


  • Our sex life was fair when we were first married. After having children things seemed to get better. I noticed my wife was more responsive especially after breast-feeding several children. In the past few years about a htiachi magic wand and it has changed our sex entirely. In addition I have put maximum effort into seeing that she gets to multiple orgasms before I even consider my own. WOW! I swear our sex is more and more mind blowing every time we are together! God is good. Being focused on her pleasure has made all the difference.
  • More freedom, both open to discovering, and trying, new things.
  • Experience and history with spouse.
  • The best only started a few months ago, after 20 years of struggling in the area of sexual intimacy, because God gave us a miracle, a breakthrough. I had fasted for our marriage for 5 days, trusting Him for a breakthrough. At first no change, but a week or two later in church (of all places) my wife had a vision/ picture of us in a new intimate position that she wanted to put into practice that same evening. We never looked back!
  • Frequency in our 50’s is definitely less, but when we do have sex, it is much better than when younger in my opinion. We’re both able to slow down and fully relax and get into pleasing each other versus the urgent rush to climax when in my 20’s and 30’s. Ultimately, I think it’s more satisfying and the fact that it’s less than before is OK with both of us. What’s interesting is that the number of “all night” sessions or nearly all-night sessions is greater than before, and we both look forward to those!
  • Sex is better because our children are older and less needy. We also have conversations about our pleasure and needs. Finally, we are more open minded to trying new positions, aides and times (spontaneous love making).
  • We are very comfortable with each other and what we like but open to trying new exciting things as well. Love grows over time. So does our sex life.
  • She is beginning to understand the importance of giving as well as receiving.
  • After taking a marriage seminar, 20 years into our marriage, wife gets it that I love sex, making love, and doing so 3-4 times per week, she’s content with 1/week. The fact she gets this, gives freedom to us both. Wish we would have had this education and expectations before we married. Would have solved the many years of masturbation to stay sane.
  • My sex drive has returned after getting off the pill and anti-depressants. Also husband confessed to affair At around the same time. Since then we have been working on improving the marriage including the sex life. It was a devastating wake up call to the importance of connecting thru sex and spending time together and putting each other first.
  • I think with our kids older now we have more energy and freedom for sex than when they were younger and we were on the go all the time. Never knew how to balance kids and sex. But it was usually on the part of the wife, not the husband.
  • Husband does not desire sex as often as I do and he is comfortable with the same old same old!
  • Both of us have changed; I’ve grown up and realize that it’s not always about me and that we don’t HAVE to do it all the time. My wife has changed and learned that it’s okay for her to have sex and experimentation can be fun!
  • We know each other’s bodies and have lost all inhibitions with each other.
  • My wife doesn’t care.
  • Wife not as tired from taken care of small kids.
  • If I could answer that I could fix it. She has no interest in sex.
  • My wife is never interested anymore.
  • The older I’ve gotten, the better the sex is for me.
  • We know what we are doing and keep refining our techniques.
  • No birth control needed, wife is more relaxed. Has opened her eyes to pleasing her husband. Removed the guilt of having sex, through freedom from a wrong view of sex.
  • Porn defeated. Affairs revealed and repented of. We are truly one now and sex is amazing because there is no hidden sin! All glory to God!!
  • Reduced frequency. If not that it would be better than ever.
  • We’ve been too busy and too tired and most importantly not made our marriage enough of a priority. Having said that, we are working on it now and still very happily married
  • Our sex drive is similar now… our kids are older…& we take more “us” time:)
  • Sex is better now because we are more connected as partners. Parents pass away, income changes, financial decisions are made, raising children … These are all things that have bonded us. When your husband becomes your true life partner, your refuge…the connection during sex is something you just don’t have in the beginning. Some don’t give marriage the time to bond them like that.. It becomes hard, they give up and divorce. I am thankful for time changing us the way it has.
  • Erectile dysfunction and loss is sensitivity and libido. On T replacement with partial response. As I’m about to turn 50 and am already struggling with ED, future looks rather bleak. Fortunately, life is wider than my bed.
  • The kid is grown and is gone doing his own activities so we have some privacy. But most of all we have gotten comfortable and nothing beats experience!
  • From the beginning I always wanted more sex. The more we were married the less I received. It got to be boring and more of something my wife had to do. I do not think she enjoyed sex. We did not talk much about it. Last year she had an affair but we managed to work through that and through the whole process our sex life has never been better for both of us. We are having more sex and the quality of the sex is the best!
  • Over the last 10 years, my husband became a workaholic, and drifted further and further away until he was lost in the world of porn, fantasy and compulsive masturbation. After being caught last summer, he has worked hard at transforming himself. We both decided we wanted to fight for our marriage, and the last 6 months have been the best ever. We communicate now, share our wants and needs, and are more in love now that ever!
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