Circumcision and Sex Acts

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Circumcision and Sex Acts

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Why this survey? Several studies have suggested circumcision affects which sex acts men enjoy most.

We did not ask about country here as we know the majority of those who reply are in the US. The high rate of circumcision supports this – aside from Jews and Muslims, circumcision is rare other than in the US, Canada, Philippines, South Korea and some African countries.

Age showed only a small difference in circumcision rates, from 82% to 86%

Enjoyment of various sex acts

The table below shows the average rating circumcised and uncircumcised gave various sex acts. The higher rating for each act is in bold

Circumcised Uncircumcised
Intercourse (vaginal sex) 9.2 9.3

Oral Sex 8.9

Manual by her 7.2 7.4

Masturbation by self 6.1 6.9

Anal Sex 7.3 8.3

Against Her Body 6.0


A couple of interesting comments:

  • I was circumcised late in life [for medical reasons] Everything related to feeling seems almost gone.
  • I learned about restoration through tugging. I have been at it a few years. I am not as far along as I would like, but the increase in sensitivity from de-callousing the glans is worth all the trouble. I look forward to the day when I am fully covered, have a sliding structure in place, and when sensitivity can increase even more. Even at this point, I have gone from needing lube for intercourse every time to avoid soreness for me and wife to almost never needing lube. Manual stimulation by her has gone from not as good as solo masturbation to being AMAZING.

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