Anal Sex: Okay, sin, unhealthy, or…

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Anal Sex: Okay, sin, unhealthy, or…

203 women and 468 men have answered
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  • These results are the norm for our surveys.
  • Only 2% of the men and none of the women say they are not Christian.
  • Three quarters of the men and women say following Jesus is a big deal to them.
  • Due to the low numbers of non-believers, we have not included data for them in breakdowns based on level of faith.


  • Two thirds of men and 39% of women are not opposed to anal sex for any reason.
  • Five percent of men and 10% of women think anal sex is sinful.
  • A quarter of men and 37% of women think anal sex can be unhealthy or harmful.
  • Women were far more likely to be opposed because:
    • It’s gross – 35% of women and 18% of men
    • It hurts – 26% of women vs 6% of men
    • It’s disrespectful or unloving – 15% of women and 9% of men
  • A third of women and 22% of men said it’s not their idea of fun.
  • Fourteen percent of women and 5% of men said they tried it and just didn’t like it.

Anal sex and how serious people are about their faith:

  • The women who were “very serious” about their faith were more likely to be opposed to anal sex, with 65% being opposed as compared to 52% of those moderately serious and 58% of the least serious Christians.
  • Among men degree of faith made only a slight difference with 35% of the most serious being opposed for some reason, compared to 32% of the moderately serious, and 21% of the least serious.
  • Thirteen percent of the women most serious about their faith find anal sex to be immoral. None of the women in the other categories felt this way.
  • The women most serious about their faith were far more likely to think anal sex is unhealthy or harmful at 45%. Eighteen percent the moderately serious and 11% of the least serious felt the same way. The most serious women were about twice as likely to be opposed because it’s gross, it’s disrespectful or unloving, or because it’s not their idea of fun.

Anal sex and age:

Age shows an interesting effect:

  • For those 25-34 35% of women and 56% of men were okay with it.
  • For those 35-44 52% of women and 71% of men were okay with it.
  • For those 45-54 33% of women and 71% of men were okay with it.
  • For those 55 and up 20% of women and 57% of men were okay with it.


  • About half of men and 61% of women have tried anal sex.
  • Women most serious about their faith were the least likely to have tried anal sex at 57%, followed by 69% of the moderately serious and 79% of the least serious.
  • Men showed a similar pattern, with anal sex tried by 45% of the most serious, 57% of the moderately serious, and 63% of the least serious.


  • Almost a quarter of men and 57% of women say they do not currently practice anal sex.
  • For 22% of woman and 17% of men anal sex is rare at 1-4 times a year.
  • Nine percent of women and 3% of men have anal sex 5-10 times a year.
  • Six percent of women and 3% of men engage in anal sex more than once a month.

Strength of faith and currently having anal sex:

  • Among the most serious, 34% of women, and 25% of men engage in anal sex.
  • Among the moderately serious, 67% of women, and 32% of men engage in anal sex.
  • Among the least serious, 74% of women, and 37% of men engage in anal sex.


  • This question was only asked of women who have tried anal sex.
  • Eleven percent of women were unable to be fully entered.
  • Eight percent tried it only once due to pain.
  • Fourteen percent did not experience much or any pain from the first time.
  • Seventeen present who have done it 1-3 times felt pain each time. This dropped to 7% of those who have done it 4-6 times, and 9% of those who have done it more than 6 times.
  • Of those who have tried it, less than half have ever done it without pain.


  • A third of the women who have engaged in anal sex say it has never been pleasurable.
  • A quarter have found it mildly pleasurable on occasion, and 11% find it mildly pleasurable some or all of the time.
  • Nine percent find it very pleasurable on occasion and 10% much or all the time.
  • Eight percent have orgasmed from anal sex alone, but none do so regularly.
  • Eighteen percent can sometimes orgasm from anal with added clitoral stimulation, and 7% do so regularly.


  • Most men who have tried anal sex enjoyed it. Four percent did not, and 19% didn’t do it long enough or enough times to know.
  • Sixteen percent say it was okay, 27% say it was good, and 31% said it was great.
  • Only 3% say it’s their favourite sex act.

Women’s Comments:

  • That last question was odd. So if I haven’t tried it, maybe I don’t know it’s a problem? It’s a problem. God did not design our bodies that way, and medical professionals will tell you that anal sex is implicated in far more STDs, infections, and sex-related injuries. [Note – for some reason the survey showed this woman a question intended for those who have tried anal sex.]
  • I try for him a least a few times a year because he really really wants to try it but it hurts too much and we stop before he gets all the way in.
  • Although I do not believe anal sex is a sin I do believe it is an unhealthy sexual practice. The anus is not meant for penetration and can cause health problems.
  • This is a hard topic to explain. Married 21 years and anal is something we’ve done maybe 10 times. If done correctly and both partners are educated about how to go about it to reduce discomfort….I have found it pleasurable. I would never and have never trusted anyone else to do that with, other than my husband. As I’ve grown older though, it’s less appealing.
  • Please I am newly wedded and need clarification on anal sex. Thanks
  • Fingering the anus is pleasurable and doesn’t hurt nearly as bad.
  • I feel that my husband only wanted to try it because he heard other guys talking about it and porn. No not everything in porn is wrong of course but anal sex has been advertised and glorified enormously in porn. It was painful, And I had anal issues afterwards…and I pretty much felt used to satisfy some unhealthy curiosity.
  • It is fine for others, but not for us. We have not tried it at all. Just seems to go against the natural order….
  • I should clarify that I don’t think it’s sinful. But, as a health care provider, I definitely think couples should research it thoroughly before making that choice. There are certainly risks and cautions.
  • With proper lubrication, as well as using toys that will assist in stretching, it can become pleasurable. For me personally it is about feeling his pleasure and dominance that makes it pleasurable for me. I don’t see anything wrong with it between a committed and loving couple.
  • It’s good when done right, with the, right person/if your spouse is open to it and if you just relax.
  • I think anal sex is awesome and has helped along with regular sex to strengthen our intimacy. We both really enjoy it!
  • Not opposed, but due to hemorrhoids I don’t feel it’s an option. Also I have to believe Dr’s, if honest, would say it’s just not the healthiest or safest activity.
  • My back door is off limits as far as the penis entering it. My husband can do just about anything, and I do mean anything but not anal sex.
  • Can cause anal fissures, bleeding, infections, fecal incontinence. As a nurse, have seen these. One-way street….out.
  • Anal sex is one of those things I thought was wrong just because the anus is designed for one way traffic and I couldn’t see how God meant the anus for that when the vagina is so perfectly designed to accommodate the penis. But then I have read about how the nerves of the clit stretch all the way to the anus and that some women even climax this way and find anal sex extremely enjoyable. And so I think this is something that the bible does not specifically condemn and as long as it is completely mutual and enjoyable, I have a hard time calling it sin. That said, it is not something we have done in my marriage and I don’t suspect we will. Sorry if this is TMI but I frequently suffer from hemorrhoids and other irritation down there and I think that introducing anal sex would really aggravate that. It is one of those “permissible but is it beneficial” things, in my opinion. For me, I don’t think it would be beneficial but painful and exacerbating my issues. That said, I don’t think you can say that pain is proof that it shouldn’t be done, because even vaginal sex can be extremely painful at first and you have to ease your way into it. I imagine anal sex would be the same. My husband and I have talked about it and at least for now, anal may be inside of our marital playground fence but we are choosing not to play in this area. My husband said the appeal for him mostly has to do with how tight it would be, but he said he doubts he would even be able to sustain an erection because he would be so scared to hurt me or just so conscious of my comfort level that he just isn’t turned on by the idea. If it is something he were highly interested in, I *might* explore it further but for now it does not sound at all appealing to me either. In fact, it sounds downright awful. I feel that is reason enough to take this off the table for us for now. I realized the only reason I was considering it was because I just wanted my husband to think I am the best wife ever because there is nothing I am not willing to do for him, but it wasn’t because it was actually something I wanted to do. I don’t think that’s the right motivation, to do something that could hurt me very badly just because I want him to think I am awesome. I *am* an awesome wife, even if I say “no thank you” to anal sex because I think it will be painful and damaging to my already irritated anus. That kind of martyrdom is just stupid and doesn’t turn my husband on. He would only be interested if I wanted to learn how to have anal sex for ME, not for him, if that makes sense. We prefer to stick to mutually enjoyable activities, and this doesn’t strike us as mutually enjoyable right now so we have removed it from the table. There are plenty of mutually enjoyable ways to give generously in the bedroom that don’t include the risk of bodily harm. All that to say, if you and your spouse enjoy it, that’s awesome! Have at it! But I don’t think this is beneficial for us. And I don’t think it is EVER okay for a husband to push anal sex on his wife. EVER. (Sorry so long.)
  • I’d be interested in trying this again, but he doesn’t seem to interested so I haven’t pursued it further.
  • My sex life is not about me and never has been. It is whenever my husband wants it. I usually go along with whatever he wants just so I am not rejected.
  • Anal stimulation is a regular part of my sex life with my husband. Full Anal sex happens about every 4-6 weeks. It’s very pleasurable with the right prep using tongue and fingers. The best way is to start with oral then use fingers to stretch the anus while bringing me almost to orgasm with clitoral stimulation. Once I’m close and feel the anus is properly relaxed and stretched husband slowly inserts himself and proceeds with slow thrusting as I manually bring myself to orgasm and he usually finishes pretty quickly after that. We both enjoy it very much and I don’t believe any type of consensual sexual act between a husband and wife is wrong. Not everyone’s parts match up so nicely in size but anal sex should not hurt if done with the proper prep and speed. Do NOT rush. The horror stories about it are from people not doing it right. The anus is NOT to be treated with the same roughness a vagina can take.
  • Anal sex always hurts in the beginning (with his penis) but once I relax it feels great. My husband uses beads and his finger during foreplay and that never hurts.
  • If both parties consent than I don’t see where it is our place to judge if it is a sin or not. We personally don’t and have never tried. If he wanted to, I would try it because we have open communication and I know I could tell him how I really felt about it and vice versa if I wanted to. It is obviously not the way God intended sex to be, but I am not going to judge others on this.
  • There wasn’t an option on the last question so I’ll add my comments here. I like anal but find that I need something in my vagina when I orgasm. I’m not sure what causes the orgasm but it’s best when my clitoris is being stimulated and I have something in my vagina while we’re having anal sex. Then when I orgasm, I have something to squeeze everywhere.
  • I sometimes ask for anal sex. I think if both spouses are in agreement that it is something they want to do and both enjoy there is nothing wrong with it.
  • It’s sick. It’s disrespectful to a woman, and it’s nasty. There’s no way my husband will ever do this to me. Plus I’ve never done it anyway. Have no desire to. I think it’s sinful.
  • My husband loves to give and receive anal sex. It is not my thing but I allow him to do it to me occasionally because it makes him so happy. I stimulate him anally on a regular basis, again because he likes it so much. At least when I do it to him it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable the way it does when he does it to me.
  • I believe, what hurts you physically or emotionally should not be in your bedroom. Therefore, in my marriage we do not engage in anal sex. It is unhealthy for us.
  • I am a Pure Romance consultant, and it is one of our jobs to educate women. As long as anal is approached in the right manner, it can be very pleasurable for both you and your spouse. I encourage you to explore and be open with each other.
  • I hate anal but once in a while, after I’ve been drinking, I’m up for it because my husband likes it sometimes.
  • The key for us has been lots of lube and me almost bearing down a bit at entry to make sure I am “relaxed”. (Probe in the orange bottle is the best for anal–glycerin based vs. Water based). I also have my husband start with a lubed up finger to prep me each time. That helps me relax too. There were a few times before I learned how to relax and/or we didn’t use enough lube that it did hurt. It wasn’t a “loosening me up” though as the first three times had no pain at all. We had never tried anal up until a few years ago…my husband thought it was off limits so never asked me. He was surprised I was open to trying. At first it was a bit awkward getting the hang of it and we only used it when vaginal sex was off the table for a health/personal reason–also a great way to feel close to my husband. Now we have gotten pretty great at it and probably have it about once every week or two. 🙂 I view it as a very intimate part of our relationship and feel very blessed to have us know each other inside and out so completely.
  • When I many years younger, single, and not following Jesus I tried it one time under pressure from a man I was seeing. It was neither physically painful nor pleasurable but I did not feel right about it even then and never did it again. I regret that I even tried it. It is perversion.
  • I have read so many arguments for anal sex in marriage, but I believe based on my own conscience and reading the Bible, and reading pro-anal arguments, and seeing anal done in porn (curiosity rather than lust, but I still believe I was wrong to look), that anal sex is wrong. Just because we have a hole in our body doesn’t mean something needs to be shoved in it for sexual pleasure. I believe the anus is NOT God created and intended for sexual penetration. The risks are too high, and God already made a perfect place for the penis to go.
  • I haven’t ever considered it in the past. Not my thing. My husband has been recently diagnosed with hep C so this will NEVER happen.
  • We like to use an anal toy if I’m having trouble teaching orgasm, we don’t do it often but it always does the trick when used while having sex.
  • Sounds disgusting.
  • I know that my husband enjoys it because it’s “new,” and something different…I have tried for him on occasion, under the belief that the Marriage Bed is undefiled, and anything that happens in the bedroom between a husband and wife is sacred. However, it is painful! While it is never completely off the table for us, my husband does not pressure me and knows not to “ask” for it. In the future, we will do this only if I am the one to initiate.
  • I prefer just a little anal pressure, not penetration, with clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
  • Sometimes is good, sometimes not so comfortable. Communication is key.

Men’s Comments:

  • Tried once with wife, did it poorly, and so never again. Wife’s research suggests harmful physical outcomes and combined with our bad initial attempt has ruled it out. I would be open to more experimentation. It has a taboo quality which heightens my desire for it, while I also realize it may not live up to this intrigue.
  • We tried once a long time ago, at my wife’s urging (she had heard some good things from a family member) but it didn’t work out. Now (several years later) however again at my wife’s urging we have tried again and added it to the list of activities. She chooses when and we are very careful about lots of lubrication and plenty of foreplay. She has to be in the appropriate mood but finds it very pleasurable if she is. I’m not one to push a particular act or make her push her boundaries but we both have a very sex positive outlook and it has allowed us to explore the marriage bed and enjoy each other greatly. I’m a lucky guy.
  • You asked if I enjoyed it, but not if my wife does. I wish you had as I am curious about how couples desire it. I do; I can’t really say that she really enjoys it. She has admittedly stated that it is in her mind. Too many years of being told how wrong and awful it supposed to be. I can never bring it up or suggest it without getting a look of revulsion. She always has to be the one to bring the subject up. Usually when SHE is in the mood for sex but is a little put off at traditional acts due to ‘that time of the month’. I thoroughly enjoy the sensation but how/if I enjoy it depends on her. When she isn’t in the right place mentally but she is insistent on it, I can’t really touch her, she isn’t going to be enjoying it, and she certainly isn’t deriving any physical pleasure from it. I never enjoy this and I don’t think she does either (even though she claims she gets lots from the ‘intimacy’). If she is having a bad time, I’m having a bad time. When she is just present and not into it mentally, it isn’t awful but it feels like it is a solo act because she is just there. Feels good, but no real connection. I don’t enjoy it that. The RARE times she is enjoying it, it is AWESOME! And why I chose the ‘great’ option. It is seriously fantastic when she is into it. Should she ever come around in her head, it will probably be great regularly. I always feel SUPER guilty for when I enjoy the act and she doesn’t. But when she enjoys it along with me.. WOW! She requests it less than she used to (though we also have far less sex than we used to) and she is better about enjoying the act, but it’s still regularly a battle in her head. It’s been a while since she really enjoyed it. She’s requested it ~3 times in the past year and they were all a mental fight for her; t’s probably been a half dozen sessions since I ‘finished’ in that act (we stop when it overwhelms her). It is SUPER rare for her to ‘finish’ because of her mind-set (and not because of a lack of trying on my part). I wish there were question on positions. Spooning is most common with us. Standing in the shower was real good when we had a shower big enough and with grip. She loathes doggy style as she feels it is too connected with porn (and all of those ‘sex is bad’ teachings as a kid) despite herself believing it is an easier position. Due to her response she flat out refuses any position where I can see her face during the act; never have even tried. Also wish you had inquired about the roles reversed in your readers. Only tried once and I can’t really form an opinion but I am open for another round. For her, the act triggered those awful childhood teachings and she had a major freak out. I probably won’t ever get a chance to experience that again unfortunately.
  • Sad that there wasn’t a list of positions frequently used.
  • Mentally, the allure of anal sex is powerful, however physically, the act isn’t that great for me. My wife enjoys it more than I do, so I try to remember to stimulate her in that fashion occasionally.
  • The main issue here is love for my nearest neighbor. Anal sex will likely result in any number of injuries/diseases.
  • I would like to try this with my wife, someday but we have bigger issues to talk about than anal sex.
  • Liked it more for the different act and taboo nature than the act itself.
  • Marriage bed is undefiled. But wisdom is good to direct…
  • We live a marriage that is more in tune than most with what we perceive of ancient society, insofar as patriarchy is concerned. Men are called to be in control of their households, women are to serve; a man takes a wife, a woman is given in marriage. Note, I do not neglect the “servant leadership” found especially in the NT, that is, I also serve her by the manner in which I lead the household, in a wide-ranging and general sense. Some say we have an old-fashioned marriage; I respond, “yeah, relative to what?” they suggest 1950s, I correct with 12th century. That being the case, and my woman having even more interest in being kept subservient than I would seek for her to be on my own initiative, now and again she asks me to take her rear. Being taken that way is a mechanism by which her mind is deliberately, willfully dragged to a particular headspace that is incredibly useful for her — it places her in her most delicate and giving posture, strains her willingness, reconfirms how she wants to live with me. In 20 years together, I have chosen on my own to take her anally perhaps a bare half dozen times; all the rest, every few months at least, have been at her request.
  • I would love to try this with my wife, but she’s made it pretty clear that will likely never happen. That’s ok with me, but if she ever changed her mind, I would be eager to try it.
  • I don’t think it’s necessarily a sin. Except your spirit tells you not to do it and you go ahead. However, I feel it hurts and it’s unsafe. The anal sphincter becomes lax and I don’t want the person I love to develop fecal incontinence. I also think it’s unnatural.
  • Took us a while to even go there. Not something we do often. Interestingly, my wife climaxes more easily and quickly that way, even over from the rear vaginal intercourse.
  • Lots of lube, go slow.
  • I loved giving anal but my wife didn’t like it so I am very respectful of that.
  • Out of Bounds from wife’s point of view.
  • I do not think it is sin. My wife is not comfortable with it, hence we do not do it.
  • I’ve heard it’s dangerous for my wife and I have no desire to hurt her, so we will probably never try. I’m curious, but I’m a guy… Lol My friend and his wife tried once, it was wonderful for him but painful for his wife, so they will never do it again.
  • I don’t see a problem with it when used in the proper context, i.e. a married couple seeking to enjoy with intimacy each other in one of many ways. I personally have no desire to have sex with my wife in that way but I don’t think there’s something inherently wrong with it either.
  • My wife finds it unclean and therefore not really interested. I don’t mind it so much but it doesn’t rock my world, and there are other tricks that do, so happy to not do it.
  • My wife was extremely horny after reading Fifty Shades of Grey so she wanted to try it. We used plenty of lube and my penis finally just “popped” in. I was so excited to feel this new tight area, but after 2 small thrusts my wife was uncomfortable so I stopped and withdrew. We have never done it that way since… I have kissed and licked around the rim of my wife’s anus after she has showered. She didn’t receive any pleasure from that though. My wife has placed a finger inside my anus as foreplay, but I didn’t enjoy it and we haven’t gone there again.
  • Made one attempt years ago but didn’t do it well. I hope to try again and do it right. DW pegs me on occasion and we enjoy it.
  • Tried a few times, exploring with spouse. Just was not worth the trouble (pain, cleanliness, etc.) for something we did not enjoy as much as almost anything else. Mutual decision.
  • Although anal sex feels wonderful for me, my wife does not enjoy it very much.
  • My desire for this has varied over the years from very strong to mild, but I’ve not felt comfortable sharing that desire with my wife, who does not encourage much exploration beyond routine.
  • I imagine trying, but did not ever get close enough. Rubbed penis against backside, but did not penetrate. Seemed difficult, wife not too into it. She/we would rather do something easier and more intimate. Now with ED not able to penetrate, and cannot even have vaginal sex. More into oral at present. Will try Viagra soon, Cialis not working as we would like. Sex is still very pleasurable and we enjoy a two hour embrace, oral and manual stimulation every night. (We are tired, need sleep).
  • I wish we had it now, but she hated it.
  • We used to have this about 4 times a year but now she never wants to have it.
  • After a lot of foreplay and she is near orgasm, anal sex is somewhat wanted by her, however my size is an issue. If I were smaller, anal sex would be very welcome by her. Rarely does it happen, but when the mood is right and there is plenty of lubrication, this act brings a very strong orgasm for both of us.
  • I have no objection to anal sex. We love PIV, so that is what we do.
  • I used to be into the idea. Brought it up to my wife, and she was definitely not into it. But now that I’ve done some research on the possible harmful effects to my wife, I’ve completely changed my mind. Doesn’t seem loving to put her at risk. Anal sex is off the table forever, and I’m good with that.
  • Even though I think it’ll be unlikely to be a clean experience, I’d still try it. The thought of doing it excites me but my wife is not as into sex as I am and would definitely not want to try it.
  • Wife won’t let me. Missionary only.
  • I’d be interested, but not sure how my wife would feel about giving it a try. It’s between husband and wife, as long as they’re both interested in it, it seems like another area of sex for people to share love in.
  • My wife and I have no draw to anal sex.
  • My dear wife surprised me once many years ago with requesting this after I’d told her many times I wanted to try it. You can’t imagine how excited I was that *she* requested it! Unfortunately, we did not plan it well. We should have talked about it and prepared, but as we were in the moment, we did not use any lube and she was pretty aggressive with guiding me to enter her quickly. And the worst part–she pretended it did not hurt in order to make it good for me. Years later, after asking many times and never doing it again, she finally confessed these things to me. I think if we’d taken it slow and used lube, it might have gone very differently. Unfortunately, her bad experience has made her unwilling to ever give it another try.
  • Wife tried it before me, didn’t like it, refuses to try it again.
  • Wife is grossed by the idea
  • As a nurse who has worked in a gastrointestinal lab, I’ve heard Dr’s say that the tissue I the rectum is not meant for that kind of activity. The tissue in that area is very thin, much more so than you would think. You can read the numbers on a colonscope through this tissue. This activity can also lead to bad urinary tract infections for one or both parties involved. Not to mention the “mess” involved in anal sex. It’s one thing to have semen and vaginal secretions on you or your bed, but adding poo to the mix is just one ingredient too many. But if you must do this, I won’t judge. It’s just not for me.
  • My wife is not interested, she says she’s not morally opposed though.
  • If she asked, I’d discuss the topic. I’d never offer it or assume.
  • No objection but it must be mutually acceptable and without pressure from either side of the partnership.
  • Not on my list of things to even try. If God wanted that version of intercourse think he would have made it not so dangerous or filled with problems it can cause.
  • There is so much more to be tried than this. I think for men there may be a benefit for anal play to stimulate the prostate in conjunction with other things with spouse. But don’t see the benefit for women. Physiologically, it just not normal nor designed by God for that purpose and is likely painful, unhealthy (germs, etc.). I just think it’s a perversion and should be stayed away from. The very thought of anal does not excite me; in fact it repels me.
  • In your question if I was opposed I answered both “no” and that it was disrespectful & unloving. Wife is vehemently opposed to. If she weren’t or if she enjoyed it, I’d probably be on board. It’s not something that I strongly desire so am okay with it not being on the menu. If I pushed for it though, in our relationship it could feel disrespectful & unloving to her. You didn’t ask about for guys…thru masturbation discovered I enjoy prostate massage. That totally freaks her out.
  • Wife also penetrates me with her hand and toys. Lots of fun and very intimate.
  • Wife is pretty opposed, but I would maybe try it, or at least some anal play if not penis in anus sex.
  • My wife was much more interested in it than I was. Once we successfully experienced it, we both agreed it was fun but a lot of work. Other women I’ve been with wanted it, but it’s always a logistical difficulty. Overall, it isn’t something I’m crazy about, but when she really wants it, it’s a great way to focus on each other and communicate. We don’t approach any consensual sex act as sinful; we make our decisions whether it’s “profitable” for us, and that involves a lot of experimenting. No guilt is the best part about our sex life.
  • The anus is an exit hole only. It’s not made for anything to go into it.
  • It was just okay in my opinion. I think some of my opinion was based on the fact that my wife didn’t really enjoy it. Her pleasure is a big factor for me.
  • We tried it a few times and it felt good but she usually doesn’t want anything there.
  • Not a sin, not for us (him on her) but would be a welcome option her on him.
  • Wife is afraid it might hurt and I respect her view though I would love to try it.
  • I’m open to anything. She, not so much.
  • I would like to give it a try, but my wife thinks it is gross. I will bring it every couple of years to see if she has changed her opinion.
  • We have tried anal sex a couple of times early in our marriage. I did orgasm both times and it was somewhat enjoyable, but was totally turned off by the small amount of feces I had to clean off the end of my penis. After the first time my wife came down with a UTI and after the second time I got a UTI. Nothing that I would recommend.
  • We have tried it several (10-12) times in 40 years of marriage. My wife says I am just too big (girth). We do “anal play” 2-3 times a month with fingers, small vibrators, toys made for such purposes. Both in my anus and hers.. We receive a lot of pleasure mixing anal play with our other sexual activities. We still have sex 4-6 times a week. NOTE: you must not mix anal play with vaginal, clitoral play because of bacteria. Use gloves, condom, whatever, and ALWAYS wash hands well when moving from Anus to other areas. (I am a Registered Nurse.)
  • We tried it a few times, but it hurt my wife. We later learned that I’m quite a bit larger than average in terms of girth, so there’s probably no way we could make it pain free without a lot of prep work. Since it was only so-so to me anyway, we simply dropped it from our repertoire.
  • While we do not engage in penis in anus anal sex, we both enjoy anal play…fingers in anus for both partners at times coupled with oral or manual stimulation, toys on occasions etc..
  • To me it would appear to be unhealthy and not part of God’s design.
  • My wife is not interested in exploring that area.
  • Unless you count the time I accidentally missed and almost went in the exit, my wife and I have never engaged in this act.
  • I would like to try anal again but I do not enjoy making my wife feel pressure or uncomfortable. When she is ready, I will be also.
  • I don’t view anal sex as immoral, however, I have no desire for anal sex. And there are SO many other things I would like to be enjoying with my wife more than anal sex. From where I am right now, I doubt that I will ever desire to have anal sex. However, I’ve thought that about other types of sex which I now enjoy or would like to enjoy. So I’ll try to stay open-minded.
  • I don’t see anything wrong with it in a committed married relationship, where both people agree to it. It’s just not something I’m interested in doing.
  • I’d do it more if my wife enjoyed it more. But not a big deal if we do not.
  • The feeling is incredible for both of us but it rarely happens. My wife has to be extremely aroused and very relaxed for it to happen. It is never planned, it just happens so to speak.
  • I have never done it. I have been open to the possibility, but my wife says that is an “exit” not an “entrance”.
  • I would love to try it and hear it can be good for both of done well, the horror stories are not true for everyone, and fear shouldn’t hold people back.
  • I would like to see a study of pegging – woman wearing a strap on, inserting into her husband….how many people have tried, are women curious to try it, would men like to try it, if they have tried it did they like it?
  • My wife and I enjoy using anal sex to help stimulate her during regular sex. She enjoys PIV along with a finger in anal the best. I think anal sex adds a little something different which is why I picked the once a month.
  • I would like to try it, but my wife has no interest.
  • I believe it’s ok in a monogamous relationship if both want it. My wife does not want it. Thinks it’s gross and perverted, a result of pornography. I disagree. I believe it can be a healthy expression of love, trust, and vulnerability.
  • Um, wow. This has never appealed to me and I simply do not understand how it could appeal to anyone. But hey, it’s your junk and I guess you can put it there if you both want to.
  • Said earlier. Wife and I did it three times or so. She is not that into it. It’s my favorite. I wish we did it. We don’t. We do have lots of anal play though.
  • We used to have anal sex very occasionally, when particularly turned-on, and it was good, for both of us, although my wife found she was sore the day afterwards. Since we have had children the pregnancy side-effects of haemorrhoids and episiotomy scarring have made it too sore – we tried once or twice but it was too sore for her so we did not go through with it and we have not done it since. So it remains for me a fond memory of the passionate years of our youth that I am glad we tried, but that I do not overly miss. I do not believe that any consensual sex act between husband and wife that does not involve a third person is sinful, and anal sex meets that definition for me where both husband and wife want and enjoy it.
  • Anal sex, when approached respectfully and carefully, can be one of the most exhilarating and erotic experiences. It triggers a whole different set of stimuli and is unique in that it requires both spouses to be into it. It is certainly one of the most intense bonding experiences a couple can have.
  • I would like to try this just to understand what the hoopla is all about. I don’t know if I would ever add this to our regular sex life.
  • I have no idea if there are health issues or not. I can’t see it as sinful with your wife. We choose not to because it would be painful for her at least the first time and I have no interest. We like to look at each other.
  • I tried anal sex with my ex-wife. Not sure I ever really asked her how it was for her but that may have been while we are divorced. I have played with my current wife’s anus, especially when having oral sex on her. She has had some pretty intense orgasms in conjunction with that. But she has refused penis in anus.
  • I would like to try this on the receiving end as well with my wife wearing a strap-on, but I don’t know if she’ll go for that or if I can/should broach the issue.
  • I’ve done this with others before marriage, and (sadly) during….we tried as a couple once or twice, but she was not comfortable with it, so we stopped trying. We don’t miss it, and it reminds me of a time when I was not faithful, so that’s another reason we omit this.
  • Just too messy. Couldn’t stand the smell and possibility of poo everywhere. I’m sure it would hurt too.
  • I have never tried it with my wife. There has been some anal play and she has offered but I have never done it. Won’t rule it out though.
  • Tried it once on our honeymoon. My wife says my penis is too large for her to handle that way, though I’m only average sized. It was fine but I don’t crave doing it again.
  • Never tried it, and it’s not very high on my list of things to try. I don’t think it’s wrong for married couples to try it if both partners are willing.
  • Anal sex is very common in Mexico, as a means of birth control. However, there is not much emphasis there on the woman’s enjoyment of sex. So, the necessary steps aren’t taken to ensure that she’ll enjoy anal sex either.
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