Pubic Hair Survey

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Pubic Hair Survey

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  • Most do – 94% of women and 86% of men do some removal of pubic hair.
  • Just over a third of women and 12% of men remove it all.
  • A third of men and women do minimal removal, shortening and/or cleaning up the edges.

The reason for rerunning this survey was to test the claim that pubic trimming has peaked and was becoming less common. Comparing this survey to answers we received in the last six months of 2013 find only hints of this. While the number removing all is down 10% for women and 20% for men, the number who remove nothing is down a fraction of a percent for both men and women. Remove all but a small amount and remove a good deal are both up this time.


  • Razor remains the most common for women, used by two thirds. Forty-six percent of men use a razor.
  • For men an electric trimmer is the most common tool, at 53%. A hair less than a third of women use an electric trimmer.
  • Scissors are employed by 22% of women and 24% of men.

Women’s Comments:

  • Totally removing it would be disturbing and demeaning, and if I meet a man who insisted on it, ew. Pervert, pedophile.
  • My husband likes variety so during the colder months October – May I don’t shave or trim between my legs or my armpits (only shave my legs). Then to add to the variety and spice he takes care of initially trimming me back to warm weather style in May ready for hot summer days again. I maintain that until October when I stop trimming or shaving again. Variety is the spice of Life!
  • This is what my husband prefers. If he’s happy, so am I.
  • I chose remove all but a small amount, but I sometimes remove all. I could not stand to not groom myself. I would be very uncomfortable and unhappy.
  • I get a Brazilian wax every few weeks. I leave a triangle of hair on my pubic mound – I am a woman after all, not a teenager! I have this trimmed in a triangle with the bottom stopping just above the hood of my clit. The top is low enough that my panties and bikini just cover it. I like to have my lips, anus and all the area around and between totally hairless and smooth. My husband loves it and says that it’s a real turn-on. I really like the fact that I have increased sensitivity and feeling, which is most noticeable during our oral sessions. I can actually differentiate between the soft smoothness of the end of his tongue and his lips compared to the almost scratchiness of the center of his tongue when he is down on me. The only down side is that we need to wait a day or two after the waxing session before we can have sex because things are a little too sensitive right after the waxing.
  • My husband loves it, I hate it. Stubble back within hours=so uncomfortable/chafing. I like it smooth but it’s not worth the work.
  • Neat, shaped and trimmed above and smooth around vulva. We both like it that way, and I like him the same – trimmed short above, and smooth, shaved genitals.
  • Scared to wax, razors cause ingrown hairs, don’t know of any female electric trimmers but that would be nice. Do most trimming in shower but not good to clog drains with hair so use drain once a month .
  • Started shaving about a year before dating my hubby because I had read a lot of men like it and I thought it sounded potentially more hygienic…decided I definitely preferred to shave and thankfully after marrying my husband he said he was glad because he liked it better. He does not shave though and I don’t mind.
  • I do not really want to, but my husband has made it clear that is the way it will be.
  • I use a disposable razor with 2 blades and lots of a good conditioner for the lather. I also put a little hydrocortisone cream on the top area after. I was older than 40 when I started doing this, and now I would not do it any other way.
  • I don’t do it because it hurts to remove the hair, the skin sticks to my pants and it gets itchy after a day or so. On the whole more discomfort that than anything else. I do my legs and armpits.
  • I find pubic hair attractive on my spouse and I feel more wild and womanly when I don’t shave it off.
  • I’ve been bare since long before I met my husband. I just always hated having pubic hair and really scratch my head as to why God gave it to us women. Blech…especially during menstruation…double blech!
  • I’d love to be able to afford laser some day!
  • As the mother of small children, shaving is all I have time for.
  • Can’t stand body hair below the neck. Ick!
  • I think it is ridiculous and unrealistic to expect both women and men to keep up with hair removal. It’s painful, can be expensive and my goodness, when it starts to grow back it’s itchy and scratchy. In my experience, it really doesn’t make enough of a difference sexually to justify the trouble.
  • Hubby prefers to shave!
  • I shave with a razor the same direction the hair grows. It’s never perfectly smooth but it looks that way and I avoid razor burn and red bumps this way.

Men’s Comments:

  • Sounds stupid.
  • If you ever expect oral sex from your partner, you should consider trimming. It is unlikely to be an enjoyable experience for them, if they get a mouthful of hair…male or female.
  • I have completely shaved all my pubic hair two or three times in our 27 years of marriage but it never lasted. Was more of a novelty. My wife has shaved off and on, sometimes simply trimming, sometimes going for the landing strip look. She’s been much more experimental in this area and I’ve always enjoyed it. But she hasn’t shaved in a while and I like the natural look. So maybe shaving is passé.
  • Your poll has a flaw in #4. I don’t use any of those methods – I don’t trim any pubic hair. But it won’t let me submit. [Fixed ~ Paul] So I’m saying Razor, even though it isn’t true. FYI, my wife shaved it all for a while, and I really miss that! But it was a lot of work, so I don’t ask her to continue.
  • Ever since I’ve mastered the technique of shaving the scrotum, I’ve been keeping it bare. It’s been about 8 years, love the feeling. I keep the rest trimmed. I wished my wife would trim more of her pubic area.
  • Men should trim. Women should lose it all, or almost all of it.
  • As I become older, hair grows where it didn’t before and doesn’t grow where it did previously. Those youthful short and curlies certainly aren’t that way anymore. Seems unfair. And what’s all this nonsense about hair needed in areas that trap odour? Some days I think God has a strange sense of humour…..
  • Wouldn’t it make sense to ask if the respondents like pubic hair removal for their spouse? I don’t shave or cut mine, but my wife does cut hers. I happen to like that. If we’re talking about what’s in style, isn’t that relevant?
  • A lot of it is up to my wife. She does like it completely bare especially for oral. I like it trimmed because less itching.
  • I prefer that my wife removes most or all
  • I will trim it really short on occasion for my wife. Never to the skin, it itches and sweats to much if I do. She does prefer me trim for oral. As far as my wife, I love her hairy, as she is most of the time but on occasion I like shaved as a treat, 😉
  • Wife does my shaving.
  • I’m pretty hairy all over including my back (which drives me crazy and I hate). Like to keep trimmed up – also keeps me feeling fresher.
  • I use a small trimmer to remove the hair on my penis down to the base and my on my testicles. I also trim the hair on my abdomen so it’s less than an inch long. I’m a stickler for personal hygiene and I feel cleaner this way. I also get the benefit of increased sensitivity and my wife says that she likes the smooth feeling while giving me oral or a hand job. As I mentioned, being more sensitive to the warmth, wetness and contractions of my wife when we have intercourse is amazing. Recommend this for the little time it takes.
  • I prefer a neat & tidy style and I’d like my wife to take a regular trim – but she always has to be reminded ! C’est la vie, I suppose 🙂
  • I prefer to allow the forest to handle itself. My wife doesn’t mind!
  • My wife also trims. I still would love her to shave it all off someday.
  • My wife likes it bare and so do I.
  • Also prefer my wife unshaven. I can’t imagine what the friction would be like if we were both shaved. I also hate the feeling of stubble!
  • Would love to have wife totally shaved sometimes and well trimmed at others. She prefers slightly trimmed. Have never seen her shaved.
  • Wife does not like pubic hair removed
  • This is really just a summer thing but I sure do prefer it!
  • While I like a clean look, wife complains that my doing so is prickly and uncomfortable for her when we engage in sexual intercourse. Still looking for a good hair removal solution that doesn’t leave “razor stubble” (or burns) and is wife accepted.
  • Both my wife and I prefer to keep pubic area trimmed and short with genital areas shaved smooth.
  • only had it trimmed for a few surgeries, no big deal. Wife doesn’t seem to have a preference.
  • My wife and I both remove all of our pubic hair by shaving it. We both have done this for many years and started doing it a few years into our marriage (thanks to TMB Message Boards!). We both love how it feels and never plan on going back to letting our pubic hair grow out again.
  • The wife does not cut hers short, but does shave and keeps a small patch long just above the lips
  • I usually “tame the jungle” once every three months or so, when the mood strikes. My wife doesn’t really care whether it’s trimmed or not, it’s more so I feel good about myself and how I look.
  • I wish my DW would trim some of hers – it is a jungle down there!
  • I trim my pubic hair occasionally so that is not in the way when my wife performs oral on me. One time, I trimmed the hairs too short and it itched so much when it grew back. Consequently, I would never consider removing all of it!
  • Wife likes it, so I like it!
  • I’ve offered to do so for my wife who said she doesn’t want me to. Since it is hers as much as it is mine, I trust her to know what she likes and so I leave it alone.
  • I would like to have a better trim, but find practically no resources for it on the Internet that I can trust.
  • Although this is certainly helpful in regard to sexual activities, the primary motivation is personal hygiene in general.
  • I try to keep it neat and tight to feel more attractive to my wife. She’s taken notice, but I can tell if she cares and she does little to none herself and I so wish she would. It’s an unspoken subject in our house…
  • I’m getting married soon, i will trim my hair any way my bride wants it. Living daily with a shaved scrotum is only comfortable with the right underwear. Boxers are out for me.
  • I shave some and trim the rest short. My wife shaves it all off.
  • Had to have my balls shaved for my vasectomy. Creepy to do (did it myself) but it was an amazing feeling. After the surgery, I just kept them shaved. Not sure if it makes my wife more forthcoming with BJs but it seems that way. So easy to do in the shower every other day or so. Not once have I nicked myself.
  • I began shaving about one year ago and much prefer it. My wife has very thick pubic hair and does not shave or trim at all. I wish she would do so but leave that as her choice. She did once about 7 years ago and said never again. I was disappointed she never asked or cared what my preference was
  • I keep it fairly short but not shaved. I prefer my wife shaved bare.
  • I have never attempted even a trim. My wife trims but hasn’t ever removed any. I’m great with that. It is always exciting to me to see that she has ‘groomed’ there. If she ever goes further I’m sure we will have fun with that too!
  • We both have been trimming/shaving for about 5 years (age 60 and 55) and both of us love the feeling and looks. Makes oral much more enjoyable.
  • Presentation matters. If you are willing to keep up the hair on your head or face in order to make yourself more presentable, why would body hair be any different? Also, public hair in the mouth or throat is a huge distraction, be proactive.
  • I wish my wife would trim some – it would make going down on her a little more pleasant, although I love doing it and it sure doesn’t stop me without the trimming.
  • A general neaten up of the area. Like keeping the yard from becoming a wilderness.
  • When I first became aware that some people do this (remove pubic hair) I loved the idea of seeing my wife this way. Though I knew that she also had become aware that people do this I did not say anything about it because I wasn’t sure she’d be positive. What convinced her to start keeping hers short was that after she received some great oral from me I told her it would help me if her hair was shorter. I added that it is also more visually erotic for me. She readily complied!
  • Wife does not remove or trim, but wish she would. Long or a lot of pubic hair not conducive to oral sex.
  • Go natural!
  • Nothing ruins the mood of oral sex than stopping to scrape that pubic hair from your tongue… Both wife and I keep the area clean shaven for this reason alone. If oral was not on the menu we probably wouldn’t shave at all but we both enjoy it far too much.

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