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Below are blogs that we follow and find useful. Not all of these blogs are specifically about marriage, and not all are from a Christian world-view. While we will do not agree with everything that is published on these blogs, we find each to be very beneficial to marriages overall.

Affaircare logo


Dedicated to saving marriages from affairs, and keeping marriage affair-free. In addition to the blog, they have articles and a forum.

Assume love logo

Assume Love:

Patty is “a widow who got it right the second time.” All about growing up, and big on the third alternative, a great approach to dealing with marital problems.


Black and Married with Kids:

This site is aimed at black Americans, but the excellent content is usually applicable to most marriages. A large team of writers means this site has a great deal of fresh content at all times.


Calm Healthy Sexy:

The Life You Really Want is a place for married women who want to transform their hectic, hurried lives. If you want to feel calm and relaxed (most of the time!), eat well and strengthen your body, and feel sexy and enjoy a great sex life with your husband, then Calm.Healthy.Sexy (CHS) is for you.


Chronic Marriage:

Tired of hearing how the U.S. divorce rate exceeds 75 % in marriages where chronic illness exists, I am passionate about doing my part to lower this ridiculously high statistic. Chronic Marriage is for “chronic couples” – those relationships in which chronic health issues are present – who desire not only to survive but thrive in their marriage despite living with chronic illness.


The Confident Mom:

A wonderful blog designed to empower moms and strengthen families. Author Susan Heid is a certified parenting & family manager coach.


The Clutter Diet:

The organizing blog of Lorie Marrero, a Certified Professional Organizer® and author of The Clutter Diet.


Do Not Disturb:

We believe Sex was given freely as a gift from our Creator and should be freely reflected in one’s marriage. After discussing marriage and intimacy with many young couples, we’ve come to recognize we should do whatever it takes to help other marriages recognize this freedom.

Encourage Your Spouse Logo

Encourage Your Spouse:

Lori says giving encouragement is her greatest joy in life. The basics? Encouragement is made up of 5 aspects: Hope, Faith, Love, Prayer & Action.


The Forgiven Wife:

After 20 years of being a sexual gatekeeper and refuser, Chris is now learning to dance with desire and enjoy the full intimacy that comes with passionate and joyful sex with the husband God provided for her.

The Generous Husband logo

The Generous Husband:

Daily posts about growing you, choosing to do what’s right, and becoming a better husband.


The Generous Wife:

A daily reminder to grow your marriage. Lori offers encouraging blog posts plus links to other great marriage-building blogs, articles and resources. Join with other like-minded gals who are growing healthier marriage.

Happy Wives Club Logo

Happy Wives Club:

Searching for at least 1 million happy wives all over the world. Those like us who enjoy being a wife, absolutely adore their husband and are still head-over-heels in love. Join the club!


Hot, Holy, & Humorous:

Written about “the kind of stuff I would talk to my closest girlfriend about in confidence.” Plenty of humour, no fear of sex, and very much holy.


Intimacy in Marriage:

Julie is a woman with “conservative” or “traditional” beliefs who thinks God intended husbands and wives to enjoy sex. Speaking as a woman to women, the blog hits on important issues in a clear, compassionate and unapologetic manner.


Joe Beam’s Blog:

Joe founded Beam Research Center, an organization that saves troubled marriages and prevents healthy marriages from developing bad habits that can do harm. His blog is about relationships and life.


Journey to Surrender:

“The Journey to Surrender is about exploring, discovering and attaining the fullest potential in Christian marriage. It is an exciting expedition available to every Christian couple willing to travel the biblical path of God’s design for marriage, a path filled with fiery passion, unmatched intimacy and joyous freedom.”


Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage:

“I love to inspire people’s lives with truth and humor. There are a lot of performers that make people laugh, and there are a lot of speakers who give solid principles for living. I want to do both … Our secular culture over-romanticizes marriage and our Christian culture over-spiritualizes it. The reality is that relationships between men and women are very down to earth.”


Pearl’s OysterBed:

“I’m an independent thinker and lifelong learner who happens to be a Christian. I focus on libido issues for wives and healthy marital sexuality. There is always HOPE to restore and reclaim. YOU are beautiful and lustrous, dear reader.”

Marriage Genms logo

Marriage Gems:

Lori Lowe’s blog is “dedicated to providing research-based marriage tips to encourage marriages and families” and she does this well.


Marriage Life:

Clint and Alecia have survived an affair, but they blog about far more than affairs. A great general marriage blog that’s honest and real.


Marriage in Motion

A young wife who says “I’m young. I’m married. It’s become apparent I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m watching God daily refine me through marriage. I’m finding joy that I never knew possible from the love of my husband. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s not. I’ll talk about both.”


Marriage Works:

Kevin and Cetelia decided to “major in marriage” due to the struggles they saw in the marriage around them. Frequent, short, dead on thoughts and advice about marriage.

Messy Marriage

Messy Marriage:

A great team of folks, headed up by Beth Steffaniak, explore the real, raw, redemptive and often messy side of marriage with insights and encouragements.

Mystery32 logo

Mystery 32:

Erin is “a young wife with a passion for marriage.” She has a wisdom beyond her years, probably due in part to a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counselling.


One Flesh Marriage:

Brad and Kate have an interesting concept – one posts, then the other responds. Gives a very nice idea of how men and women see the same thing in different ways.

One logo

ONE With Tony & Alisa Dilorenzo:

This blog is rich in Podcasts. Tony and Alisa are the authors “Stripped Down” a book we used for a local twelve-week marriage class.


Redeeming Marriages with Jack and Janet

“It took us twenty years before we had the kind of marriage that we had both always wanted, but once God brought us to that point we soon realized that we had been given something that was bigger than us. It is now our passion and honor to reach out to as many people who need to hear what the Lord gives us to say.”


Refine Us | Restoring Hope | Renewing Relationships

Justin and Trisha Davis returned to ministry in 2009 following a four year journey of restoration. They use their story of pain, loss and redemption to bring hope and healing to couples all over the country.

The Romantic Vineyard logo

The Romantic Vineyard:

Tom and Debi do a wide array of things, and do them all well. Studies of various biblical passages and concepts, date ideas, and a way of seeing things we tend to miss are among the treasures you will find here.


Safe at Home

“Practical concepts, strategies, and ideas to help keep your family and marriage safe, healthy and growing.”


Seth’s Blog:

While this is in no way a marriage blog, a good deal of what Seth says applies very well to marriages. A frequent source of ideas for both The Generous Wife and The Generous Husband.


Spice & Love:

A blog about being a wife with a higher sex drive than her husband. A place for resources, encouragement and wisdom.

Stupendous Marriage Logo

Stupendous Marriage:

Encouraging, challenging, and inspiring couples. More podcastig that blogging, but that’s a good thing because Stu and Lisa do a great postcast!

To Love Honor and Vacuum

To Love Honor and Vacuum:

Sheila’s tag line – “Real marriage. No Pretensions.” sums up this blog well. All things marriage, with grace and humour.

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